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Digital Driver's License program
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From teaching Spanish abroad in Costa Rica, to growing sustainable produce on campus for Italian class, to a how-to on finding excerpts to translate online, presentations given by teachers in the Digital Driver's License (DDL) class on Rheem campus recently were as diverse as the methods of presenting them using online thechnology were.  

After each presentation, teachers in the Saint Mary's College Wolrd Languages and Cultures cohort were able to comment on the process of using online technology to commnicate with their students.  One language teacher describeed the drawbacks of working with voice recording, "You have to make sure your voice doesn't sound like this," she said, speaking in a monotone voice.  "Studies have been done on how voices change when being recorded," added instructor Barry Eckhouse, Director of Online Programs at Saint Mary's, the man behind this project launched a little over a year ago. 

The demand for DDL certification has only grown since it started out rather humbly in the School of Economics and Business Admisnistration.  Now, the first batch of World Languages and Cultures teachers were showcasing what they'd learned.  The Digital Driver's License certification class started last year, with a few professors from Economics and Business Administration opting to take the class one or two at a time, so that they could access resources as well as formal certification in online teaching. 

Credit: Kyrsten Bean