World Languages and Cultures in Translation

A listing of Translation Course Descriptions

126 Film
Viewing and discussion of French, German, Italian, Spanish, or Latin American films. Each course focuses on a particular genre, director, country or area sharing a common language and culture. May be repeated for credit as content varies. This course satisfies the Artistic Understanding (Analysis) requirement of the Core Curriculum.

130 Special Topics
This is a special topics course that will accommodate topics in each of the three major concentrations in Spanish. Courses may include: an intensive study and analysis of a single salient figure or movement in Spanish/Latin American literature; a study of the history, cultures, and contemporary issues of Latin America, including the presence of Latinos in the US; or a study of particular linguistic topics of the Spanish language. This course may be repeated for credit since content varies.

170 Modern Critical Theory
General introduction to movements or trends in current critical theory, including psychoanalytic (Freudian, Lacanian), postmodernism (deconstructionism), feminist theory, structuralism, semiotics, etc. Discussion of theory is in English. Students’ work is in French or Spanish. English majors accepted with permission of chair of Department of English.

180 Medieval and Early Renaissance Poetry and Music
A study of popular and cultivated poetry of Medieval and Renaissance Europe and the musical expressions in the context of the Medieval and Renaissance world and mind.

181 Renaissance and Baroque Literature of Europe
A study of the literature of 17th-century Europe. May be repeated for credit as content varies.

182 The Romantic Movement in Literature
A study of the literary expressions of the 19th century. May be repeated for credit as content varies.

183 Authors, Genres, and Themes in Western Literature
An investigation of a single author, genre, theme, or topic in Western or Third-World literature. May be repeated for credit as content varies.

184 Topics in Hispanic Literature
Reading and discussion of Hispanic literature in translation. Topics include Hispanic women writers, modern Chicano literature, Hispanic theater in the United States.

The following courses are recommended to majors in business administration, politics, history and communication:

185 Culture and Civilization of France
A study of the relationship between the rich culture of France and its turbulent history. Attention given to the interchange between artistic or literary expression and the political process, with consequent socioeconomic developments. This course satisfies the Social, Historical, and Cultural Understanding requirement of the Core Curriculum.

186 Culture and Civilization of Italy
Italian culture has been central in the development of western civilization. From it emerged values and institutions that have helped shape every nation adopting that civilization. The aim of this course is to consider the intellectual and artistic manifestations of this important culture in all its brilliant variety. This course satisfies the Artistic Understanding (Analysis) requirement and the Common Good requirement of the Core Curriculum.

187 Culture and Civilization of Spain
Highlights of Spain’s culture against the backdrop of Spanish civilization. Masterpieces of Spanish artistic expression are studied and the roles of social, religious and political values in the development of Spain’s culture and civilization to contemporary times.

188 Culture and Civilization of Latin America
The study of the culture of the various Latin American nations from pre- Colombian civilizations to the present. Special consideration of manifestations of Latin American artistic expression. An examination of the social, religious, and political values of the culture, and the similarities and differences between Latin American nations.

189 Culture and Civilization of Mexico
A study of major historical periods, from pre-Colombian times to the present. Emphasis given to cultural traits particular to Mexico. An overview of art history: Mesoamerican art, the mural movement and contemporary currents.

198 Language Studies Capstone (.25)
An independent project integrating language and culture designed in consltation with an instructor in a student's language studies area.