First-Day Advice

Nervous about the first day of school? You're not alone. Here's some savvy advice from SMC students who've been through it before.

Seminar 2016“Leave five minutes before you think you should and don’t take out your phone.” —Guy Whittall-Scherfee '17

“Get to know the people in your classes. It’s not only nice to have a study buddy, but they can become a good friend of yours during your time at Saint Mary’s. Also, don’t worry about not having books on your first day, some professors will take a book or two off of the syllabus and forget to change the list online.” —Maddi Larsen '17

“Take a chill pill and take it slow. After all, it is college. College is the time for you to just focus on yourself and trying to find who you are. There's no need to impress others. The only person you should really try to impress is yourself!” —Kimberly Nguyen '19

“Make sure you know where your class is located before your first day, and that you have supplies for taking notes. Your professor will email you if he or she has specific instructions for the first day, so it's important to check your new SMC email before class.” —Dana Pine '17

“Take a picture of your schedule on your phone, so you can remind yourself where your classes are. Also, some professors will actually start lecturing on the first day and you should be prepared!” —John (J.T.) Taylor '17

“Look nice and know where your class is so you are not late.” —Joey Carroll '19

“Enjoy the social events and meet new people but don't stress if it feels like you don't have a new best friend or group of friends right away. You will keep meeting people and forming friendships throughout your entire Saint Mary's experience and while you won't forget the Gaels you meet over Weekend of Welcome, they may not be the same people you are spending your time with when you graduate. I wish you the best of luck with your first day and hope your SMC adventure is as memorable as mine was.” —Sasha Worth '16

“Drink lots of water and be thankful.” —Kayla Duffey '19

“Introduce yourself to your professor because they are one of your most valuable resources.” —Patrick Myers '17

“My advice would be to join clubs, it's a fast way to make friends with people who have similar interests as you.” —Emily Matthews '17

“My advice to incoming first-years would be to try everything. Even if you only have the slightest bit of interest in trying something new or joining a club, do it because if you don't you will only regret it later!” —Tianna Hansen '19

“It's okay to be scared/nervous, but believe that you are capable of doing whatever scares you!” —Olivia Brophy '19