Weekend of Welcome

Students after painting the SMC on the hill.
Your first weekend as a Gael will get you acclimated with all the resources, programs, and services offered at Saint Mary's College.

After move-in day, you, as a new student, get to take part in Weekend of Welcome (WoW)—four amazing days of activities that focus on coursework, programs that complement the curriculum, and activities that will help acquaint you with your new home. Some of the events include New Student Convocation, participation in students' first academic classes, and a nighttime carnival. Activities range from your first advising meeting, to our annual Saturday of Service, Painting the SMC and the Farewell Dinner.

Move-in Information:

New students attending New Student Orientation Session IV move in on Wednesday, August 24, 2016.  All new students who have already attended a New Student Orientation move into the residences on Thursday, August 25, 2016. 

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Weekend of Welcome Schedule*

*(Exact times subject to change)

Thursday, August 25

8am-2pm - Move-In

4:30-6pm - Welcome Mass 

5:30-7pm - Farewell BBQ*

*Families will be asked to depart campus after this event.

7-7:45pm - Meet your WoW group

8-9pm - College Life Live

9-10pm - Mandatory hall meeting

Friday, August 26

7:30-9:00am - Breakfast with your WoW Group - Your WoW Leader will let you know the exact time of breakfast.

9:30-10:15am - New Student Convocation

10:30-11:30am - "Breakfast at Sally's" Book Discussions with your Residence Hall

11:30-1pm - Lunch

1-3pm - First Year Advising Cohort (FYAC) Meeting

3:15-6pm - "Grey Zones" and "Beyond Black and White"

6-7:30pm - Dinner

8-11pm - RHA Program ; VIP Shopping Night at SMC Bookstore.

Saturday, August 27

8am-3pm - Saturday of Service 

11am-3pm - Busses to Target

11:30-2pm - Lunch

2-5pm - Campus Rec Pool Party

5:30-7pm - Dinner / CONNECT* Session #1

8-11pm - WoW Carnival

Sunday, August 28

10am-12pm - Making the Most of Your Four Years:  Finacial Literacy, Campus Involvement, and Study Abroad

12-1pm - Lunch / CONNECT* Session #2

2-3pm - CIRP Survey

3:30-5pm - Paint the SMC

5:30-7pm - Welcome Back BBQ / CONNECT* Session #3

8pm - Alpha Mass

*You only need to attend one CONNECT Session; times are determined by residence hall.  You will be notified of your time upon move-in.