International Checklist

Whether you're coming from abroad or moving across the country, we're here to help make your transition to Saint Mary's as seamless as possible!

Start your path to Saint Mary’s by taking steps to complete your enrollment. Below is a checklist to help guide you in the process. You will need to manage most of these items through your application status page.

To help you stay on track for your arrival we have created the checklist below. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to the Center for International Programs at 925-631-4245 or

After You’ve Been Admitted


  • Submit Your Enrollment Deposit

To secure your spot among the incoming class you must submit your non-refundable enrollment deposit of $400 deposit (Tuition & Housing) by May 1 or within two weeks after the date of acceptance (whichever is later). Please note: campus housing is required for first-year students.

You may submit your deposit online via your Applicant Status Page.

After You’ve Enrolled


  • Login to Your SMC Account

You will receive your official Saint Mary’s login information via email about a week after submitting your enrollment deposit. This information can also be found, along with your incoming student checklist, on the Applicant Status Page. You will need your official login information in order to complete tasks like applying for housing, completing medical requirements, checking your SMC email, and more.

Beginning in mid-March, you will also receive a Get Ready Packet in the mail with this information. If you are having any issues with your status page or login information, please contact the Office of Admissions.


  • Submit Your Certificate of Finance

The cost of attendance for the academic year is around $70,000 which includes tuition, room & board, books, and supplies. International students are required to submit a completed Certificate of Finance for issuance of their I-20.  A copy of your passport and financial documents must be included in the submission.

  • Submit Your Student ID Form

All new students are issued a photo ID card prior the first day of the semester.  Instructions for submitting your photo and access to the submission form is available on the Student Identification Card website.

  • Attend International Student Orientation

During your orientation session, our faculty, staff, and current students will provide you with helpful information for your successful transition into the Saint Mary’s community. Each session provides critical information including an introduction to our academic programs, resources, and student services. Students will become better acquainted with campus resources and have opportunities to discuss the many facets of Saint Mary's life.

  • Apply For Campus Housing

Saint Mary's strongly believes in the value of the on-campus residential experience for students and requires that first-year students live on campus. On-campus housing is guaranteed, although not required, for incoming international transfer students! In order to register for housing, you must submit your enrollment deposit of $650 for Tuition & Housing. Enrolled students will receive their Saint Mary's College login information, along with information outlining the steps required to submit your housing application via your Applicant Status Page. If you have a medical circumstance that you believe may impact your room assignment, please contact our Student Disability Services office, they will assist you further. If additional questions arise about the housing application or living on campus, please contact our Campus Housing department with questions. 

  • Complete Medical Requirements by August 1 

Prior to starting classes at Saint Mary's, all undergraduate students must complete the following via the Health and Wellness Portal:

Medical History Form
Immunization requirements
Tuberculosis (TB) Screening/Testing Form

  • Complete Required Health Education Courses by August 1

Information for accessing the Health Education Courses will be sent to your SMC email in early June 2021.  If you commit to Saint Mary’s after June 1, you will receive the link within a week after your deposit.

  • Submit Your Final Transcripts

Your acceptance is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of any courses in progress. Please have your final official transcript or final mark sheets sent to the Office of Admissions as soon as they are available. Additionally, if you anticipate a significant change in grades, please notify the Office of Admissions immediately.

  • Submit Your Pre-Enrollment Questionnaire

First-year students will receive the Pre-Enrollment Questionnaire (PEQ) via email after attending orientation, and it will also be accessible via your Applicant Status Page at this time. The Pre-Enrollment Questionnaire (PEQ) will allow us to get to know you, your major interests, and academic aspirations. Transfer students can complete the Pre-Enrollment Questionnaire shortly after submitting their enrollment deposit. Our team of faculty facilitating pre-registration will use the PEQ to place you in fall classes based on your academic interests, prior college-level coursework (if any), placement exams, and program requirements. Don’t hold back when you complete the PEQ! Tell us everything you think will help us understand you as a student. 

  • Take Your Placement Exams

Prior to class registration, all students must complete the necessary placement exam requirements. There is no math placement exam for fall 2021. Learn more about the English and Foreign Language placement requirements here.

  • Join the Community 

Join the Incoming Students of Fall 2021 Facebook Group to meet your future roommate and friends. Follow @stmarysca on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and TikTok for the latest information about what’s happening on campus.