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Intercultural Programs

The Intercultural Programs (presented by SLIDE: Student Leaders Inititating Diversity Education) feature speakers, artists, films, and other activities that address multiple and intersecting identities. These co-curricular programs enhance classroom learning and raise awareness about social justice. All programs take place in Delphine Lounge, unless otherwise noted.

Fall 2015 Programs 

Click here to view a PDF printable version of the IC's Fall 2015 Calendar.

Tues, 9/8 • IC Open House/Meet & Greet • 5-6:30 p.m.

Learn why diversity rocks! Grab free food, win door prizes, & find out more about IC programs & leadership opportunities. First year students can also learn more about Connect & Invest sessions! 

Fri, 9/11 • BBQ: TGIT (Thank Goodness It's Tacos) • 1-4 p.m. - Justin/Mitty Commons 

Join the Saint Mary's community (of color) for a fall BBQ to celebrate the beginning of the school year. Meet staff/faculty/and other students that share your identitiy. Get to the know the Diversity Organization Council clubs as well as other campus resources! Allies/everyone is welcome to attend. 

Tues, 9/15 • I Am Not My Hair, Or Am I?  • 5-7 p.m.

Does your hair define you or how you show up in the world? What stories do you tell yourself or others based on your or their hair? No matter if your hair is short, long, curly, straight, there is likely a conscious and/or unconscious story underneath it. This workshop explores our innermost feelings about our hair personally and in society. S. Michelle Coleman from the California Institute of Integral Studies will facilitate this discussion. 

Sat, 9/26 @ 9 a.m. — Sun 9/27 @ 5 p.m. • Diversity Retreat • Angela Center in Santa Rosa

Diversity Club reps & IC staff spend the weekend off-campus, engaging in intercultural dialogues & ally-building activities. 

Tues, 9/29 • Documentary Screening: The House I Live In • 5-7 p.m. 

This documentary examines the implications of U.S. drug policy. How does this affect the dealer, narcotics officers, inmates, and federal judges? Following the screening, a discussion will be led by SMC professors Ron Ahnen and John Ely. 

Tues, 10/13 • Documentary Screening: Blacking Up: Hip-Hop's Remix of Race and Identity • 5-7 p.m. 

"Hip-Hop was created by urban youth of color over 30 years ago amid racial oppression and economic marginalization. It has moved beyond that specific community and embraced by young people worldwide, elevating it to a global youth culture." This documentary "looks at the popularity of hip-hop among America's white youth. It asks whether white identification is rooted in admiration and a desire to transcend race or if it is merely a new chapter in the long continuum of stereotyping, mimicry, and cultural appropriation. Does it reflect a new face of racial understanding in white America or does it reinforce an ugly history?" Following the film, a discussion will be facilitated by SMC professor Aaron Sachs. 

Tues, 10/27 • Unbalanced:Race and Class in US Sports • 5-7 p.m. 

Sports in the United States is hailed as a job and economic producer. The question is, for whom?  Using clips from documentaries and excerpts from several texts, this program will examine team owners, athletes and their sponsorships, and the effect on fans. This program will also feature the effects of racism from the sports media.  A discussion will be led by IC Coordinator Cesar Ramos and members of the IC student staff. 

Tues, 11/10 • ARTivism: Art as a Catalyst for Social Justice • 5-7 p.m. 

Have you ever wondered if art can change the world? Whether it’s drawing, painting, film, dance, or spoken word, art is a universal means of expression. But what happens when you combine it with social justice? This event will explore art activism as we analyze current social problems and how art can be used to inspire social change. 

Thurs, 11/19 • SCHOOL SWAP: No Neighborhood Left Behind? • 5-6:30 p.m. 

Dissecting the differences between public schools in low-income vs. high-income neighborhoods. 

 Fri, 11/20 • Diversity Dance • 7-11:30 p.m. • Crowne Plaza Concord

The Diversity Organization Council & the IC host an off-campus semi-formal dinner & dance that is open to the SMC community & their guests. Tickets go on sale at noon on October 31st at www.stmarlys-ca.edu/ic  

 Tues, 12/1 • The Intersecting World of Ethnicity & Religion • 5-7 p.m. 

From Catholicism to Buddhism to Hinduism, many are led to spirituality with their own religious preferences. But how does ethnicity affect religion? What does it mean to be religious as a Latino or Asian? This panel of SMC community members will explore religion and the similarities and differences that come about due to their ethnicity.


January 2016 Programs

 Tues, 1/12 • City of Borders: Breaking Down Queer Politics 

City of Borders provides an original view of the vibrant underground community at Jerusalem's only gay bar where people of opposing nationalities and religions create an unexpected island of peace in a land divided by war and hate.



 Thurs, 1/14 • Invest • Queuing Up Queerness • 5-7 p.m.

“Queuing up Queerness” is a program about Queer representation in children’s media.

We will be discussing Queer characters in various forms of media, including the portrayal of Queer children in various television shows, how romance is portrayed, stereotypes, and how this intersects with different forms of media.


 Spring 2016 Programs

 Thurs, 2/11 • Invest Our Bodies, Our Health: A Women's Health Forum • 6-8 p.m. 

This session will act as an open forum in which female-identified students at SMC can ask questions, connect with campus resources, and more. Our goal is to provide information on annual procedures, health-care options, sexual and reproductive health, mental health, and more. This program is co-sponsored by The Women's Resource Center, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), and The Health and Wellness Center.


 Wed, 2/24 •  Anti-Blackness in Our Communities • 5-7 p.m.

Michael Dumas, Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley in the Graduate School of Education and the African American Studies department facilitates this discussion.


 Thurs, 3/17 - Invest - Private Browsing - 6-8 p.m.

Pornography. Everyone watches it. It's one of the largest entertainment industries in the world. Now tell me something I don't know...

 Thurs, 4/7 - Invest - Glorifying White Crime - 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Exploring media's racial double standards in crime coverage.


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