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  • Student Life

    Your journey starts with orientation and meeting new friends, and branches into a life experience.

  • Community Service

    Service isn't required. For most of our students, it's just second nature.

  • Athletics

    What is a Gael, anyway? From the baseball diamond to the soccer field and volleyball court, you'll know.


Make Saint Mary's your home and you'll find yourself surrounded by 400 acres of hills, pines, hidden gardens, stunning architecture, state-of-the-art classrooms and a strong community infused with Lasallian values and more than a little attitude.

The good kind of attitude, filled with enthusiasm, idealism and desire.

Our global connections, academic distinction, athletic success, Bay Area location, and a passionate focus on social justice, the great books and inclusive learning — all bring the best of the world to life on this campus.

Adventures Ahead

In your first year as an undergraduate, you’ll meet more people in less time than you ever have before. You’ll have intellectual (and not-so-intellectual) conversations and late-night pizza parties and impromptu volleyball games and movie breaks and philosophical debates. It’s not exaggerating to say that the four years you spend in college will be some of the most exciting, memorable years of your life, no matter where you go. 

The Circle of Student Life

Much of what you’ll learn in this section is about what we think of as the “circle of student life” at Saint Mary’s: the four-year journey from orientation, through a residential experience, campus activities, leadership opportunities, traditions and community engagement. You’ll learn about our student organizations, student leadership, and some of the big annual campus events that bring everyone out to celebrate. Of course, the weather’s pretty nice here, so our students spend a lot of time outside.*

Your Support System

But student life at Saint Mary’s wouldn’t be as fun if it didn’t have such great support. Soon you’ll meet our Dean of Students, get to know our Health and Wellness, Counseling, Women's Resource Center and Public Safety support staff, and get connected to the many individuals whose full time job is making sure Saint Mary’s students get the most out of their college experience.

The Nuts and Bolts of Life at Saint Mary's

Finally, you’ll learn the nuts-and-bolts details about what you’re probably really curious about: residence halls, off-campus living options and meal plans.  Because with everything there is to do and learn at Saint Mary’s, you’ll need plenty of rest and nourishment.

* Full disclosure: It has actually snowed here. A couple of times. And our students took full advantage.

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