2022 Student Outcomes


Real outcomes, real options. 

A Saint Mary’s education takes you further. 

One of the best measures of our success is what our students are able to do after they graduate and who they become.

Data collected from 494 students out of 621 graduates / 79.54% of students who graduated between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022.

Class of 2022

Where did Saint Mary's College class of 2022 graduates go?

After graduation, most of our graduates are working, continuing their education in either a graduate or professional school, or completing an internship.

Red Dot
 Working: 59%
Blue dot
Continuing Education (including Graduate or Professional School)*: 38%
Light Blue dot
 Seeking Employment: 2%
Teal Dot
Internship: 0.2%
Tan Dot
 Service: 0.4%
Pink Dot
 Military: 0.4%

Chart showing where Saint Mary's Graduates go


Where do Saint Mary’s Class of 2022 graduates work?

Saint Mary’s alums have been hired by the following companies across a diverse range of industries including: HP, Amazon, Deloitte, the San Francisco District Attorney, Ernst & Young, Sacramento Kings, UCSF, KPMG, American Express, and DocuSign.

HP, Amazon, Deloitte, SF District Attorneys Office, Ernst & Young, Sacramento Kings, UCSF, KPMG, American Express, and Docusign logos


Where do Saint Mary's Class of 2022 graduates attend graduate school?

Saint Mary’s alums are admitted or plan to enroll in top graduate and professional programs nationwide including: Saint Mary's College, Stanford, NYU, UC Davis, University of San Diego, Drexel University, Johns Hopkins University, Pepperdine, and San Francisco State University.

NYU Saint Mary's College, Stanford, University of San Diego, UC Davis, John Hopkins, Drexel University Pepperdine, SFSU logos