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Summer Session Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 12-4pm

June 1st-July 14th

Drop-in, or call (925) 631-4684 to schedule an appointment.

CWAC gets busy around midterms and finals, so making an appointment ahead of time is highly encouraged!

If you are unable to meet with a Writing Adviser during these hours, in person or via Skype,  just give us a call, and we'll attempt to schedule a time that will work for both you and an Adviser.

Writing Circles

CWAC offers a .25 credit workshop course for students from any discipline at Saint Mary's who are looking to improve their writing. Each Writing Circle is made up of three to five students who meet weekly to workshop their writing. As with all CWAC services, the Circles are open to all students, undergraduate through graduate level, of any course.

The essay is a dialogue--a conversation between the author and the reader. It is active. It is an exchange. Of course, writing also demands a certain amount of solitude, those hours logged in front of a computer or spent with a pen pressed deeply on the page. But when a writer sits down to write, he or she must always keep the reader in mind. Writing is a communal act.

Our weekly, hour-long Writing Circles are based on this communal concept. Throughout the semester, we read drafts of one another’s work, offering feedback as readers. With this feedback in hand, writers generally become confident in revising their work and moving toward stronger, more cohesive drafts. 

In addition to facilitated discussion, each week’s meeting includes learning particular writing strategies, including free-writing, outlining, and creating thesis statements, as fitting for your work at that stage of the semester.