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Welcome to the Title IX Support and Compliance Office

Ferroggiaro 200B | 925.631.4055


Saint Mary's College of California continually strives to maintain and strengthen a community which cultivates and expects mutual respect and inclusivity for all students, employees, and guests.

An integral part of this commitment is ensuring a campus environment free of sex- or gender-based discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

Saint Mary's College of California's Title IX Coordinator is:

Jess Varga (she/her)
Direct Phone: (925) 631-4055
Direct Email: jev7@stmarys-ca.edu
Mailing Address: 1928 St Mary's Rd, Ferroggiaro 200B, Moraga, CA 94575
Campus Office Location: Ferroggiaro, 2nd Floor, 200B

Reports of discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct are taken seriously by the college. The Title IX Coordinator or a Deputy Title IX Coordinator will respond to all reports of allegations of misconduct. Reports can be made directly to the Title IX Coordinator, or any of the deputies listed below.

For urgent matters, please call Campus Safety at (925) 631-4282 OR dial 9-1-1

The Title IX Support and Compliance Office oversees the College's compliance with laws and regulations in the prevention of sex- and gender-based discrimination and harassment, including the coordination of education and training activities and the response to all reports of sex or gender discrimination, sexual harassment (including sexual assault, dating or domestic violence, and stalking), and other forms of sexual misconduct. All members of the SMC community are encouraged to contact the Title IX Coordinator for any questions, concerns, or complaints. See contact information above.

There is no obligation for the person(s) who experience misconduct to utilize any services or resources offered and individuals are free to opt in or out at any time. Beyond facilitating the impartial investigation and prompt resolution of any formal complaints, for any given case, our office can assist through:

  • Meeting with all parties involved to discuss the options and resources available to them.
  • Referring parties to resources that can provide further support and guidance, such as Counseling and Psychological Services, the CARE Center, the Health Center, or outside agencies.
  • Implementing supportive measures to address the health and safety of all parties involved and facilitate continued access to their educational program and employment, as appropriate.
  • Connecting parties with an advisor, who can assist them with navigating the investigation and resolution process and will pose questions on their behalf during any formal hearing proceedings.

The Title IX Support and Compliance Office also provides members of the SMC community with several avenues to learn what they need to stay informed and active in the ongoing pursuit of creating a respectful learning and working environment free from discrimination, harassment, and sexual violence. Our office provides annual training to students and employees. In addition, we frequently collaborate with other departments to promote campaigns and initiatives that increase awareness of issues related to discrimination and harassment and help prevent sexual violence within the SMC community.

The Title IX Support and Compliance Office is responsible for ensuring, in all cases, that reports are handled equitably and with care and concern for all parties involved. In doing so, the Title IX Coordinator and members of the Title IX Team serve in a neutral role, acting with independence and authority that is free from bias and conflicts of interests. The Coordinator works to ensure that all employees involved in the College's response and resolution processes act with objectivity and impartiality. Prior to engaging in the resolution process for a case, each party involved will have an opportunity to assess and bring up any concerns about potential conflicts of interest and personal bias with the decision-makers involved. In addition, annual training is provided to all advisors, investigators, decision-makers, and appeals decision-makers on how to serve impartially and without bias, as well as how to protect the safety of victims and promote the accountability throughout the entire investigation and resolution process.

To fulfill our institutional mission, and comply with laws and regulations, Saint Mary's College has policies and procedures to address situations involving sex- and gender-based discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct. Our Policy is what all students and employees and third parties are held accountable to, and anyone who engages in prohibited conduct may be subject to the procedures and sanctions detailed in this policy. To review the current policy and procedures related to Title IX, click on the link below.

SMC Title IX Policy and Procedures

As Saint Mary's College of California is a federally-funded institution, and receives states monies, it must comply with several federal and state laws and regulations, including:

  • Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 - a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any federally funded education program or activity. Title IX promotes equity in academic and athletics programs, prevents hostile environments on the basis of sex and sexual misconduct, and prevents discrimination against pregnant and parenting students. Under Title IX, discrimination on the basis of send can include sexual harassment or forms of sexual violence, such as rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual exploitation, and stalking.
  • California Senate Bill 493 - a state law mandating that all staff and faculty members are considered Mandatory Reporters of incidents or concerns involving gender-based discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct. Mandatory Reporters or "Responsible Employee" are people who have authority to take action to redress sexual harassment or provide supportive measures to students, or who have a duty to report sexual harassment to an appropriate school official who has that authority. SB 493 also requires processes with specific actions to be implemented for schools to respond to alleged sexual harassment and assault.
  • Jeanne Clery Act of 1990 - a federal law requiring schools (institutions of higher education only) receiving federal monies to collect and publish information about specific crimes occurring on campus. Schools must publish an Annual Security Report (ASR) that includes three calendar years worth of crime statistics, and current policies and procedures to support campus safety. The ASR is typically published each October, and includes the campus fire report. 
  • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), Section 304 - a federal law enacted in 1994, and most recently reauthorized in 2022, to raise awareness of domestic violence and assault crimes against women. It has been updated and modified numerous times, and currently provides coverage to all persons regardless of sex and gender. Its initial provisions, which continue today, mandated states create separate criminal statues for domestic violence; provided additional protections for victims like quicker access to protective orders; ability to break housing contracts without penalty; and provided funding for safe houses. VAWA also prescribes standards for investigation and conduct of student conduct proceedings for domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking cases (whether or not Title IX also applies).

Deputy Coordinator for Students

Travis Mason (he/him) 
Associate Dean of Students and Director of Community Life
(925) 631-4238

Deputy Coordinator for Employees

Angela Alley-Street (she/her)
Director of Employee Relations, Leadership, and Development
(925) 631-4910

Deputy Coordinator for Athletics

Kami Gray (she/her)
AD for Internal Operations and Senior Women's Administrator
(925) 631-4521