Graduation Requirements

Core Curriculum Requirements (similar to General Education requirements)

The Core Curriculum includes several foundational course requirements in particular areas of study, required of all Saint Mary's College students.  The areas of study are noted below.

  • Habits of Mind
  • Pathways to Knowledge
  • Engaging the World

Many of these course requirements are met with the completion of the major course program for the Leadership and Organizational Studies degree program. 

Course requirements not met by completion of the major course program may be met through transfer credit. Many, if not all, of these required courses are typically met by students with transfer course credits completed prior to admission.   For more information about specific courses required, please contact Sue Norton Costa, Program Manager, at [email protected]

Completion of the 12 major course program (44 semester units)

  • 10-course Leadership major
  • Collegiate Seminar requirement - met by Seminar 102
  • Religious Studies requirement - met with Theology and Religious Studies 189

Unit and GPA Requirements

  • Complete a total of 126 semester units, with a minimum 56 upper division level semester units
  • Cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 in the 12 major program courses and a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA, which includes all transfer credit

Elective credits may be earned through

  • Transfer credit from accredited post-secondary institutions
  • Credit from assessment of college-comparable experiential learning (portfolio developed in LDSH101 and LDSH110)
  • Selected CLEP and DANTES examinations
  • Approved credit from American Council on Education recommendations for military service schools or professional courses