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  • Ph.D. Sociology, Arizona State University, 1984
  • M.A. Sociology, San Francisco State University, 1971
  • B.A. San Jose State University, Sociology, 1964

Teaching Experience:

  • Professor of Sociology - St. Mary's College of California (1997 - 2014)
  • Chair, Department of Anthropology/Sociology - St. Mary's College of California (1994 - 1995)
    also 2000-2001
  • Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology and Sociology - Saint Mary's College of California (1988 - 1997)
  • Visiting Associate Professor - University of California, Berkeley (1988 - 1989)
    and 1992, 1994
  • Faculty Associate - Arizona State University (1984 - 1987)

Professional Experience:

  • Consultant, Museum Wing on the Minority Experience - Arizona Historical Society (1990 - 1991)
  • Codirector, Photographic Exhibit, Ethnic Group - Mini Grant from the California Humanities Council (1989)
  • Co-investigator of social and economic history of labor force at Roosevelt dam with a focus on ethnic groups - (1987 - 1988)


  • Leonard Covello Award for Italian American Studies -


  • Fund for the Advancement of the Discipline - American Sociological Association (2000)
    "Mexican and Italian Immigrants in the Arizona Labor Force, 1880-1930: The Process of Racialization"


  • Member - Hispanic Research and Arts Network, Hispanic Research Center - Arizona State University


Selected Presentations

  • Immigrants vs the Ku Klux Klan. Martinelli, Phylis (talk, speech or lecture)
    Western Historical Association
    (October 2011)

Recent Presentations

  • Irish and the KKK of Denver, CO 1920s. Martinelli, Phylis (invited, panel or forum member)
    Writer's Symposium
    I was invited to participate in the immigration seminar at the Charles Redd Center for Western Studies August 2011. My research on the Irish and the KKK in Denver, Colorado is being formulated into a chapter for the Center's forthcoming book on immigrants in the West.
    (August 2011)
  • Nativism in the West, Irish of Denver . Martinelli, Phylis (paper, primary presenter)
    Western History Association
    Based on research showing the hostility toward Irish immigrants surfaced in western states.
    (October 2010)
  • Presenter. Negotiating Boundaries of Place and Identity, 1900-1920: European Spaniards in a Split Labor Market: Whites or Latinos? .. Martinelli, Phylis (paper, primary presenter)
    American Sociological Association, 2006
    Examining how Latin groups from Europe were not always treated as equal to Northern Europeans.
    (August 2006)
  • The Sting of Racism: Violence Toward Italians as an Inbetween race: Arizona during the Industrial Era, 1900-1930.. Martinelli, Phylis (paper, primary presenter)
    (August 2005)
  • Presenter ""Comparing the Status of Latins in a 'Mexican camp' to a 'white man's' camp: Mexicans and Euro Latins in the Arizona Copper Industry: 1900-1930". Martinelli, Phylis (primary presenter)
    American Sociological Association conference
  • Presenter "Comparing the Status of Italians in a 'Mexican Camp' to a 'White Man's Camp' in the Arizona copper industry: 1900-1930". Martinelli, Phylis (primary presenter)
  • Presenter "Racial Formation and Italians in Arizona History: Italians as a Partly Racialized Group". Martinelli, Phylis (paper, primary presenter)
    American Sociological Association conference
  • Presenter "Italians, Problematic Whites in Bisbee's Copper Camp, 1900-1929". Martinelli, Phylis (primary presenter)
    Race, Ethnicity, and Migration: The United States in a Global Context. University of Minnesota
  • Presenter "Occipational and Residential Patterns of Mexican and Italian Workers in Bisbee, AZ 1900-1925". Martinelli, Phylis (primary presenter)
    Southwest Labor Studies Conference
  • Presenter "The Gold and the Copper, A Comparative Study of the Cultural and Social Adjustment of Italians Miners in Arizona and Western Australia, 1900s-1930s". Martinelli, Phylis and Boncompagni, Adriano (primary presenter)
    American Association of Anthropology

Topics of Presentation

  • Health Care issues. Martinelli, Phylis
  • Italian American Experience. Martinelli, Phylis
  • Race Relations. Martinelli, Phylis


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  • Martinelli, Phylis. 2009. "Italians: From Acceptance to 'Not Quite White' in Bisbee, Arizona, A Whie Man's Town, 1880-1920.. In Italian Americans: Bridges to Italy, Bonds to America, eds. Iorizzo, Luciano and Rossi, Ernest. New York: Teno.
  • Martinelli, Phylis. ""Teaching Immigration: New Immigrants and Refugees." Journal of American Ethnic History 28.2 (2008)
  • Martinelli, Phylis. "The Value of Worthless Lives by I Serrra." Biography 31.2 (2008)
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  • Martinelli, Phylis and Nagasawa, Richard. "A further test of the model minority thesis: Japanese Americans in a sunbelt state." Sociological Perspectives (1987)
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  • Martinelli, Phylis. "Italian immigrant women in the Southwest." The Italian Immigrant Woman in North America. Eds. Caroli, Betty Boyd, Harney, Robert and Tomasi, Lydio Multicultural History Society of Ontario, 1978
  • Martinelli, Phylis. "Italy in Phoenix." Journal of Arizona History (1977)
  • Martinelli, Phylis, Editor.. Hidden Out in the Open 19th Century Spanish Labor Migrants, Editor
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