Financial Planning

As you prepare for study abroad, you and your parents may have questions about the cost.

Please use the resources to the left for more information about the tuition and fee structure and scholarship opportunties.








Students are required to meet with their financial aid advisor as part of their study abroad application process. 


Please bring the following forms to your meeting with your finacial aid advisor:

Sample Study Abroad Budget for a Semester Program with Room & Board*

(Please note that each program will vary depending on the average cost of living, length of flight, currency exchange rates and personal spending habits).

Tuition & Fees $21,390
Study Abroad Deposit $600 (To be applied towards tuition and fees)
Int'l room & board fee $7,155
Private room (NOT INCLUDING BOARD) $5,062
Shared room (NOT INCLUDING BOARD) $4,560
Travel (Estimated International flight) $1,500
Books (Estimated) $550
Personal Expenses (Estimated) $1,100