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  • Doctor of Philosophy Civil Engineering, University of California at Berkeley, December 2009
    Dissertation: Resource Limits and Conversion Efficiency with Implications for Climate Change
  • Master of Science Geophysics, Stanford University, January 1983
    My research topic was the use of 2-dimensional filters in the Fourrier domain to suppress coherent seismic noise in the Val Verde Basin of West Texas
  • Bachelor of Art Geology, University of California at Santa Barbara, June 1981
    Outstanding Senior Award

Professional Experience:

  • Principal - Greg Croft Inc. (November 2000 - Present)
    I have an oil and gas consulting business.
  • Executive Vice President - Harrods Energy Thailand Limited (March 1998 - October 2000)
    I managed an oil and gas exploration program in the Gulf of Thailand. Our discoveries now belong to Pacific East Asia Resources Limited.
  • Staff Geophysicist - Chevron Overseas Petroleum (February 1983 - October 1994)
    I worked in a number of positions in South America, West Africa and Corporate Staff

Teaching Experience:

  • Lecturer - Saint Mary's College (February 2010 - Present)
    I teach Historical Geology (EES 50)


Canadian Studies

  • Canada, the United States and Carbon Emissions. Croft, Gregory (invited, paper, primary presenter, associated proceeding, report in print)
    Western Social Science Association
    (April 2010)

Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Keystone XL Pipeline Panel. Croft, Gregory (invited, panel or forum member)
    Commonwealth Club Forum on Keystone XL Pipeline
    I was one member of a five-person panel discussing the environmental issues surrounding the Keystone XL pipeline
    (April 26, 2013)
  • Hydraulic Fracturing and Groundwater Contamination. Croft, Gregory (talk, speech or lecture, invited, primary presenter)
    Civil Engineering Seminar, UC Berkeley
    This presentation describes the process of hydraulic fracturing, the risks to groundwater, and measures to minimize those risks
    (April 2013)


  • Croft, Gregory and Patzek, Tadeusz. "A Global Coal Production Forecast with Multi-Hubbert Cycle Analysis." Energy 35.8 (2010): 3109
  • Croft, Gregory and Patzek, Tadeusz. "Potential for Coal-to-Liquids Conversion in the U.S.-Resource Base ." Natural Resources Research 18.3 (2009): 173
  • Croft, Gregory and Patzek, Tadeusz. "Potential for Coal-to-Liquids Conversion in the United States: Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis ." Natural Resources Research 18.3 (2009)
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