Honors Points System

Points values, class of 2017

Total point value to graduate with Honors[*]: 150

Total point value to graduate with High Honors: 175

Total points to graduate with the Honors Medallion: 200

How do I get points?

  • 20 points:  Honors Contracts, Honors Independent Studies, Honors Senior Theses
  • 10 points: Honors English 5
  • 5 points:  Successful completion of two days of service in a semester
  • 3 points:  Participation in an event with a service component
  • 2 points: Participation in an event as an organizer or leader (Colloquium counts)
  • 1 point: Participation in an event (Colloquium counts)
  • Various: attendance or presentation at a conference, publication of original writing in various venues, service as a Contract Mentor or Commissioner, other accomplishments


Special how-to’s for point accumulation

  • At least 60 points must derive from Honors Contracts, at most one Honors Independent Study, and at most one Senior Thesis
  • For the class of 2017, Honors Colloquium is a requirement, not just another way to earn points
  • Students MUST end their freshman year with at least 10 points
  • Students MUST end their sophomore year with at least 35 points
  • Students MUST end their junior year with at least 75 points, of which at least 20 must come from an Honors Contract or Independent Study
  • Other forms of academic experience such as study abroad, internships, and so forth may be petitioned for pointsworthiness

[*] Assuming “regular” induction in Spring of the freshman year.  Students inducted at a different time will work out a different points goal with the Director or Coordinator.