Minor Requirements

The Ethnic Studies program offers 3 minors:  

Ethnic Studies

Intergroup Dialogue

Interactive Theater

A Major in Ethnic Studies can be completed through the Individualized major, and is designed by the student with the ES Program Director.  Minors or majors in African-American Studies, Asian Studies, and Latina/o Studies  may also be petitioned for through the Individualized Major process (see College catalog).

       The general Ethnic Studies minor comprises 6 courses:

      ES 1– Introduction to Ethnic Studies

      ES 144 – Collegiate Seminar –Multicultural Thought

      ES 196– Capstone Project


 One Upper Division Elective from each area below*:

Ethnic Groups & Identity:  This area includes courses

that address the role ethnicity plays in one’s individual, social, and political experiences and identity, e.g.  

    Communication 106:  Intercultural Communication

    Politics 110: Minority Politics

 Arts & Literature: Students will examine competing notions of identity and community that emerge in the literary and artistic expressions of U.S. writers and artists of color, e.g.

    Modern Languages 150: Chicano/Chicana Literature

    English 154: Studies in African-American Literature

 Socioeconomics & InequalityThis area includes

courses that address the relationship between ethnicity

and economic, political, and social inequalities in contemporary society, e.g;

   Politics 115:  Theories of Justice

   Religious Studies 117: Wealth and Poverty in the Bible

 *One course must be service-learning or community based research

        The minor in Intergroup Dialogue comprises 5 courses:

    ES 1 – Introduction to Ethnic Studies

    ES 50 – Creating Community

    ES 155 – Advanced Intergroup Dialogue:   

                   Peer Facilitator Training

    ES 157 – Praxis in Intergroup Dialogue

    ES 159 – Capstone in Intergroup Dialogue

       The minor in Interactive Theater comprises 5 courses:

    ES 1 – Introduction to Ethnic Studies

    ES 50 – Creating Community

    ES 150 – Advanced Interactive Theater

    ES 157 – Praxis in Interactive Theater

    ES 159 – Capstone in Interactive Theater