Women's and Gender Studies, BA

Women's and Gender Studies, BA

Are you fascinated by the systems of gender that define society? Are you passionate about creating a more equitable world?  

In our interdisciplinary major, you will approach the experiences of women and the study of gender identity from multiple perspectives. You can take courses from different departments—Art, Theology & Religion, History, English, etc.—but concentrate on women and gender. 

What unifies the classes is that you will be challenged to critique societal norms and explore new ways of thinking about sex and gender, taking into account race, ethnicity, disability, and other social categories across history and geography.

Graduates from our program have gone on to success in the traditional liberal arts as well as careers in business, medicine, and law. Whatever you choose to do, your broad knowledge base, along with your communication and critical thinking skills, will be a vital asset to our ever-evolving world.

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When students have completed the Women’s and Gender Studies Program, they will be able to:

  1. Identify and understand assumptions and arguments about gender, race, class, and sexuality in scholarly, popular, public, and interpersonal discourses.
  2. Evaluate diverse theories of feminism and debates about gender.
  3. Differentiate among complex and diverse points of view regarding gender, race, class, and sexuality in a variety of academic fields.
  4. Write clear and well-reasoned prose employing appropriate methods of research in the field.
  5. Engage in Social Justice Praxis, including intellectual or social advocacy locally or globally.

Saint Mary's Testimonials

“I am currently in my second semester of nursing school and loving every second. I just finished my rotation in obstetrics, when I had the opportunity to observe a few births and take care of patients during a beautiful and vulnerable stage of life. Despite the physiological and pharmacological focus, I find myself constantly thinking about my WaGS degree, allowing the perspective I gained from SMC to shape the way I promote kind, approachable, and quality care. I am very grateful for the foundation set throughout my undergrad experience. Looking forward to the start of my Master's in Women’s Health next year. WaGS has been so pivotal in my growth, both professionally and personally. I am forever grateful for the lens and foundation it has given me.”

Maria Tuite, Class of 2017