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  • Ph.D. Soviet Studies, Institute of Soviet and East European Studies, University of Glasgow, Scotland, 1991
    Dissertation: Victor Serge: Political, Social, & Literary Critic of the USSR, 1919-1947, The Reflections and Activities of a Belgo-Russian Revolutionary Caught In the Orbit of Soviet Political History
  • M.Phil Soviet Studies, Institute of Soviet and East European Studies, University of Glasgow, Scotland, 1976
    Thesis: A Social and Political Analysis of the Dominant Currents in the Soviet Russian Intellectual Opposition, 1964-1975, As Revealed in the Samizdat Reaching the West.
  • A.B. English Literature, Stanford University, 1972

Teaching Experience:

  • Professor - Saint Mary's College of CA (2003)
  • Associate Professor, Department of Politics - Saint Mary's College of California (1995 - 2003)
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Government - St. Mary's College of California (1992 - 1995)
  • Liberal Studies and Modern History Departments - Otis Parsons Art Institute (1986 - 1992)
    A Division of The New School for Social Research, Los Angeles
  • Teacher, American History and World History - Concord International High School (1985 - 1986)

Professional Experience:

  • Consultant - Asaltar Los Cielos (1996)
    Spanish documentary film, winner of 1996 Berlin Prize, on Leon Trotsky's assassin, Ramon Mercader. Produced by Cero en Conducta
  • Editorial Associate - Contention (1991 - 1992)
    (Editor: Nikkie Keddie), Published by Indiana University Press, edited at the University of California at Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
  • Consultant - Victor (1989 - 1990)
    Documentary Film on Victor Serge, produced by John Eden for Channel 4, Britain. [not released]
  • Education and Fundraising Coordinator - Committee of Concern (1984 - 1985)
  • Associate Editor - The Rebel (1983 - 1984)
    Weekly news magazine (circulation 250,000)
  • Producer and host of weekly public radio shows - KPFK, Los Angeles (1981 - Present)
    "Beneath the Surface," 1994-present; "The New World Disorder," 1993-1995; "Portraits of the USSR," 1981-1993; "Read All About It," 1981- 94
  • Public Affairs Producer - KPFK -- Pacifica Radio (1981 - 1984)
  • Public Affairs producer of radio documentaries and magazines - (1980 - 1985)
    List of Programs available on request
  • Managing Editor - Critique (1977 - 1979)
    scholarly journal of Soviet Studies, University of Glasgow


  • 1999 Movers and Shakers Award for Journalism - Southern California Library for Social Studies and Research (1999)
    awarded for "unparalleled knowledge of world politics - especially in the former Soviet Union - [which] has sparked critical debate and discussion on KPFK for close to two decades."
  • Faculty Development Awards -


  • Research Fellow - Praxis International, Center for Russian Research, Moscow (May 1999)
    Affiliated to GARF, State Archives of Russian Federation in Moscow.
  • Fellow - Trotsky Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow State University, Institute of Economics


Selected Presentations

  • Mark Zborowski: Stalin's Spy in the Left Opposiiton. Weissman, Susan (panel or forum member)
    ASEEES (Association of Slavic & East European Studies) and Spy Museum
    (November 2011)
  • Marc Zborowski: Stalin's Spy in the International Left. Weissman, Susan
    32nd Annual Convention, American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies (AAASS), Washington DC
    (November 17, 2001)
  • Chair: "Is The Market the Answer?". Weissman, Susan (panel or forum chair, moderator, or leader)
    32nd Annual Convention AAASS, Washington DC
    (November 15, 2001)
  • Victor Serge and Anti-Totalitarian Socialism. Weissman, Susan
    Centre for Research and Education "Praxism," Moscow State University, Moscow
    (September 29, 2001)
  • Victor Serge's Anarchism. Weissman, Susan
    Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh
    (June 14, 2001)
  • Victor Serge and the Future of Socialism. Weissman, Susan
    Socialist Scholars Conference, Cooper Union, New York
    sponsored by Ph.D. Program in Sociaology, CUNY Grad Center, New York
    (April 15, 2001)
  • Marc Zborowski, Stalin's Agent in Parisian and American Leftist Circles. Weissman, Susan
    Brown Bag Lunch Seminars, Saint Mary's College of California
    (April 02, 2001)
  • In Memoriam: Daniel Singer. Weissman, Susan
    New York
    (March 10, 2001)
  • Victor Serge and the USSR. Weissman, Susan
    University of the Urals, Ekaterinburg
    (January 26, 2001)
  • Victor Serge and U.S. Intellectuals. Weissman, Susan
    International Conference on Explorations in the History of U.S. Trotskyism, Tamiment Library, New York University
    (September 29, 2000)
  • "Why Yeltsin Had to Fail," Chair and Discussant. Weissman, Susan
    VI ICCEES World Congress, Tampere, Finland
    (August 03, 2000)
  • The Banality of Cowardice: Marc 'Etienne' Zborowski, Stalin's Master Spy in the Left Opposition. Weissman, Susan
    (Panel title: The Black Web of Stalin's NKVD in Europe, China and the Americas), VI International Council For Central and East European Studies (ICCEES) World Congress, Tampere, Finland
    (July 31, 2000)
  • El fracaso de la transicin capitalista en Rsia. Weissman, Susan
    University of Camahue, Neuquen, Patagonia, Argentina
    This was a day-long seminar at the University
    (June 02, 2000)
  • La Restauracin capitalista en Rusia. Weissman, Susan
    Seminario Internacional, Decadencia y Crisis del Capitalismo en el Umbral del Siglo XXI
    Facultad de Filosofia y Letras de la Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
    (May 29, 2000)
  • "From Sovietology to Post-Soviet Studies: Another Failed Transition," Chair and discussant. Weissman, Susan
    31st National Convention, American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies, Saint Louis
    (November 18, 1999)
  • Restructuring and its Results: Wage Warriors, Students, and Repression. Weissman, Susan
    International Academic Conference of the Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences: The World Crisis of Capitalism and the Post-Soviet States, Moscow
    (October 30, 1999)
  • NATO, Kosova, and the International Left. Weissman, Susan
    International Conference sponsored by the Center of Socio-Economic Theory of the Department of Political Economy of Lomonosov Moscow State University, "Russia in the Global Information Society"
    plenary session on the international implications of the war in Kosovo
    (June 19, 1999)
  • Victor Serge at the Crossroads of the Fourth International. Weissman, Susan
    Institute for Trotsky Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Economics, Moscow
    (June 16, 1999)
  • Russia's Current Crisis: It's Worse than World War II. Weissman, Susan
    Socialist Scholars Conference, New York
    Radical Philosophy Association roundtable with Suzi Weissman (St. Mary's College of CA), Alexander Buzgalin, (Lomonosov Moscow State University); Hillel Ticktin (Institute of Russian and East European Studies, University of Glasgow); Savas Michael-Matsas (Nea Proptiki, Athens, Greece); Michael Hudson (Institute for the Study of Long-term Economic Trends, New York)
    (April 10, 1999)
  • Economic Crisis in Russia. Weissman, Susan
    University of California, Berkeley
    (October 22, 1998)
  • The Communist Manifesto from 1848-1998. Weissman, Susan
    Jewish Workman's Circle, Los Angeles
    panel with Paul Buhle, Suzi Weissman
    (June 20, 1998)
  • The Communist Manifesto on its 150th Birthday, plenary speaker. Weissman, Susan
    Glasgow University, International Conference on the Significance of the Communist Manifesto
    (May 1998)
  • "The Sorry State of South African Socialism," Chair. Weissman, Susan
    Socialist Scholars Conference
    (March 22, 1998)
  • Global Crisis: East and West, roundtable panelist. Weissman, Susan
    Socialist Scholars Conference
    (March 21, 1998)
  • The Invisible International. Weissman, Susan
    Socialist Scholars Conference, New York
    (March 20, 1998)
  • Kronstadt and the Russian Revolution. Weissman, Susan
    International Scientific Conference, Moscow
    sponsored by Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences and the International Committee for the Study of L.D. Trotsky's Legacy
    (October 28, 1997)
  • Vida y Obra: Roberto Naduris. Weissman, Susan
    Noticiero Pacifica -- 16 aos: Tributo a la memoria de Roberto Naduris
    sponsored by Noticiero Pacifica KPFK 90.7fm, Oscar Arnulfo Romero Unitarian Congregation and First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles
    (May 18, 1997)
  • The Russian Revolution and The Russian Question. Weissman, Susan
    panel "The Legacy of the Russian Revolution after Eighty Years," The 1997 Socialist Scholars Conference, CUNY, New York City
    (March 30, 1997)
  • Serge and Trotsky's Exchange on Kronstadt. Weissman, Susan
    Centre for Socialist Theory and Movements, Glasgow University Conference, London, England
    (February 01, 1997)
  • October Revolution, Ideals and Distortions. Weissman, Susan
    (December 07, 1996)
  • Revolution Betrayed and Destiny of a Revolution. Weissman, Susan
    International Scientific Conference, Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences and the International Committee for the Study of L.D. Trotsky's Legacy, Moscow
    (November 22, 1996)
  • Chair and Discussant, panel "Transition: What Transition?". Weissman, Susan
    28th National Convention, AAASS (American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies), Boston
    (November 14, 1996)
  • Chair and Moderator, St. Mary's forum "Media and Politics: Are They Driving Us Crazy?". Weissman, Susan
    Committee for Lectures, Art and Music, and the Communications and Government departments
    featuring Van Gordon Sauter, Belva Davis, Marc Cooper and Nelson Polsby
    (September 18, 1996)
  • Moderator and Chair: "Where is the US Going? American Politics on the Eve of the Elections". Weissman, Susan
    Verso Press and Solidarity, Los Angeles
    featuring Alexander Cockburn and Robert Brenner, public forum sponsored by KPFK, The Nation
    (May 10, 1996)
  • Symmetrical crises of democracy? Post-Stalinist Russia and Late-Capitalist America. Weissman, Susan
    in panel "From the Funeral Pyres of Stalinism and Social Democracy, Marxism Returns!"Critique Panel, Socialist Scholars Conference, New York
    (April 14, 1996)
  • Trotsky's Revolution Betrayed: Significance in post-Soviet Period. Weissman, Susan
    in panel "The Revolution Betrayed: 60 Years Later, " at Fourteenth Annual Socialist Scholars Conference, CUNY Manhattan
    (April 13, 1996)
  • Public forum in Los Angeles "The French Strike Wave". Weissman, Susan
    featuring Daniel Singer and Suzi Weissman, sponsored by The Nation, Against the Current, and KPFK
    (April 05, 1996)
  • Serge and Trotsky's Views: Post Theories Strengths and Limitations. Weissman, Susan
    in panel: "Theories of the Nature of Disintegration of the Former Soviet Union," Fifth World Congress of ICCEES, (Internationa Council for Central and East European Studies), Warsaw, Poland
    (August 11, 1995)
  • The Russian Trade Union and Socialist Movements Today. Weissman, Susan
    (May 06, 1995)
  • Decline & Transition East and West. Weissman, Susan
    panel discussion sponsored by Departments of Government and Philosophy, St. Mary's College of CA
    (April 18, 1995)
  • Privatization, the IMF and its Impact on the Russian People. Weissman, Susan
    Center for Community Economic Research of the Institute for Industrial Relations, University of California, Berkeley
    (April 12, 1995)
  • The Rise of the Right, East and West. Weissman, Susan
    public Forum sponsored by KPFK, the U.S. Committee for Democratic and Human Rights in Russia, Solidarity, and Against the Current
    Forum broadcast on KPFK, 90.7 fm, Los Angeles.
    (April 10, 1995)
  • The Politics of the Russian Left in Global Perspective. Weissman, Susan
    Conference on 'The Nature of Political Organization in the Transitional Epoch,' Centre for Studies in Socialist Theory and Movements (University of Glasgow) and Critique, London
    (February 03, 1995)
  • Weekly interviews/round table discussions on Soviet/Post Soviet and East European Affairs, 1985-1993. Weissman, Susan (interview or commentator)
    Hoover Archives, Stanford University
    (The Hoover has collected 'aircheck' copies of the weekly radio program "Portraits of the USSR." Their holdings begin in 1985; 1981-1985 holdings in Pacifica Archives, Los Angeles.) Copies of these broadcast tapes can also be found at the Southern California Library for Social Research. From 1994-1999 the programs are on international affairs, first under the title "The New World Disorder" and then "Beneath the Surface." List of interviews available on request (there are more than 850).
  • Twenty hours of interviews and commentary on the 1991 Soviet coup. Weissman, Susan (interview or commentator)
    August 19-29, 1991, broadcast on all Pacifica Radio outlets in the USA


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