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National History Day National History Day
National History Day 2024: 
Turning Points In History  


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Each year, National History Day gives elementary, middle school, and high school students an opportunity to research a historical topic of their choice that relates to a specific theme. They then create a project in one of seven categories that convey their historical research and findings. The Saint Mary's College History Department hosts the Contra Costa County contest for this event every March.      

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Information about this year's theme can be found at


Contra Costa County (CCC) Competition Important Dates

This year's CCC History Day County competition will take place on Saturday, March 2, 2024.

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, January 31

Cost: $50 per student

Documentaries, Websites, Podcasts: Due Friday, February 9

Exhibits, Posters, Performances: Due Saturday, March 2

Historical Papers: **NEW** Beginning with contests in 2024, registration and submission of all historical papers will follow a different format from other categories. Historical papers will not compete at county contests. Instead, papers will be directly submitted to the state contest by the teacher. Learn more here.


Are you looking for more details about NHD?
Please check for availability and join these webinars!
lets talk! turning points in history theme and topic webinar
Make-it! Webinar Series
History Day projects require students to use research, analysis, and historical thinking skills. Join us for this free, six-part webinar series to introduce these skills to students and share tips on how to research and develop History Day projects. You can see the dates and topics, and learn more here.
educator workshop
Educator Workshop: Implementing Inquiry Through History Day
Learn more about how to integrate historical inquiry and history day into your curriculum. Participants will work to create a historical inquiry experience for all learners.
Tuesday, September 26th
8:30 am-3:30 pm

Sat, Mar 2nd

2024 CCC History Day Competition

Wed, Jan 31st

Registration Deadline

Fri, Feb 9th

Documentaries, Websites, Podcasts are Due

Sat, Mar 2nd

Exhibits, Posters, Performances are Due

Below are links to the official sites for National History Day and our geographic sites. They can provide you with more broad information about the competition! The Contra Costa County site has the most information on the competition in March.



There are seven different formats that a student could use to present their topic!
  1. Poster (For 4th and 5th grade only)
  2. Exhibit
  3. Documentary Film
  4. Historical Paper *Starting in 2024--Historic Papers go directly to State Learn more here.
  5. Dramatic Performance
  6. Website
  7. Podcast *For CA only (4th-12th grade)
While creating your projects keep in mind that your project has 80% Historial Quality and 20% Quality of Presentation

Historical Quality can be described as:

  1. Having a solid Historical Argument (thesis)
  2. Represents multiple perspectives
  3. Shows a wide amount of research
  4. Contains accuracy to the historical topic being presented
  5. Has historical significance
  6. Shows historical context
  7. Has obtained primary sources
  8. Conveys the student's voice

Clarity of Presentation can be described as:

  1. Technically sound
  2. Audio and Visual
  3. Written Content
  4. Performance

Click Here to see the full Offical Rulebook

The following is a list of links and information that might be helpful with your projects!

This list will be updated as frequently as we find or receive information. If you have any videos or links that you think would be helpful to add, please contact Isabella Ruiz ( Community interaction is very important and we look forward to hearing from you!

Student Resources

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NHD Quick Tips

View Past Projects

View the Past Projects, Winners, and Photos of the NHD of Contra Costa County and State Competition!

The Project Showcase links give you access to view and read all student projects from high school, middle school, and elementary students. 

The project categories include Historical Paper, Dramatic Performance, Exhibit, Poster, Documentary Film, and Website.

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