Saint Mary's College of California

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Saint Mary's Homecoming with the Spirit Team and the Gael Sports Band

Homecoming Returns to Saint Mary’s

Gaels reignite a tradition to celebrate the community of students, alumni, family, and friends. With some big wins on the fields and courts—and a very special guest.
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Tom Meschery holds an SMC pennant

First Novel Starts New Chapter for Tom Meschery

Basketball star Tom Meschery '61 has had his jersey retired by both Saint Mary’s and the Golden State Warriors. His latest leap: writing his first novel.
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Network of La Salle universities

Think Global—and Build International Ties

What does International Education Week mean for Saint Mary’s? We check in on students, faculty, alumni, and leadership for their take on recent programs and initiatives.
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A computer science professor gesturing to a screen for a student

Amidst the “Techlash,” Saint Mary’s College Is Creating a New Kind of Computer Science Program

Social justice, ethics, and the intersection of technology and society are shaping the new program led by Udayan Das.
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