Core Curriculum Course Offerings

The Core Curriculum is the foundational and essential learning expected of all students at Saint Mary's and the processes by which students achieve that learning. Below you'll find a brief description of the Core learning goals and a listing of the courses that satisfy these goals. Courses that satisfy multiple goals have this noted with an abbreviation of the other goals.

List of Approved Core Curriculum Courses

2020 Spring Courses


Habits of Mind

Critical Thinking: Recognizing, formulating and pursuing meaningful questions about one's own and others' ideas. 
Shared Inquiry: Reasoning together about common texts, questions and problems. 

Written and Oral Communication: Development of strong written and oral communication skills. 

Information Evaluation and Research Practices: Understanding how information is gathered and evaluated in society.

Requirement: 4 Seminar Courses, one per year. 3 Writing courses.

Pathways to Knowledge

Artistic Understanding: The analysis, interpretation and critique of the products resulting from human creative expression.
Requirement: Two courses in Artistic Analysis. At least .25cr in Creative Practice.

Mathematical Understanding (MU): The application and communication of abstract, logical reasoning and mathematical ideas.
Requirement: 1 course

Scientific Understanding (SU): Learning about the natural/physical world by gathering data and formulating hypotheses about how the world works based on that data. 
Requirement: 1 course and accompanying laboratory

Social, Historical, Cultural Understanding (SHCU): Placing today's world in a meaningful context and arriving at sufficiently complex explanations for current social arrangements. 
Requirement: 2 courses

Engaging The World

American Diversity (AD): An intellectual engagement with the social, cultural, economic or political diversity in the United States. 
Requirement: 1 course or qualifying experience

The Common Good (TCG): A vigorous academic exploration about what the common good is and how it might be pursued.
Requirement: 1 course or qualifying experience

Community Engagement (CE): An application of intellectual experiences to the community beyond the academy.
Requirement: 1 course or qualifying experience

Global Perspective (GP): A study of social, economic, religious or political structures in different global communities and cultures.
Requirement: 1 course or qualifying experience

Language Requirement: Studying languages and cultures helps us recognize the universal aspects of the human condition and embrace the diverse backgrounds of people at home and around the world.
Requirement: Intermediate Proficiency, satisfied by Level 3 coursework or demonstration of proficiency