Information for Faculty

As faculty members, you are our guardians of academic integrity.   Per the Faculty Handbook, it is your job to model personal integrity and to provide guidance, boundaries and a classroom environment that welcomes inquiry, integrity and accountability.      

Report an Academic Honor Code Violation

The role of faculty in supporting the Academic Honor Code include frequent discussion with students about academic integritymonitoring of suspicious coursework or signs of academic dishonesty, and reporting suspected misconduct in a documented and confidential manner

Academic Honor Council faculty members serving as resources for academic integrity, the Academic Honor Code, and the College's reporting process:

  • Caroline Burns
  • Anne Carpenter, Theology & Religious Studies
  • Catherine (Cathy) Finger-Podolsky, Accounting
  • Zach Flanagin, Theology and Religious Studies
  • Veronica Hefner
  • Zuleikha Kurji
  • Ani Moughamian, Education, School of (KSOE)
  • George Papagiannis, Organization and Responsible Business
  • Karen Ruff, Chemistry
  • Kelly Weidner, Business Administration

Past faculty members available as mentors:

  • Rosana Barragan, MFA Dance
  • Michael Marchetti, Enviornmental and Earth Studies
  • Ani Moughamian, Education
  • George Papagiannis, Organization and Responsible Business
  • Claire Williams, Kinesiology
  • Lili Yan, Organizations and Responsible Businesse

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