Business Administration, Entrepreneurship Concentration, BS

Business Administration, Entrepreneurship Concentration, BS

Find your corner of the market. Build a business that lasts.

Our entrepreneurship program leverages the Bay Area’s culture of innovation, empowering you to create your dream start-up from the ground up. Guided by our world-renowned faculty, you’ll develop a foundational understanding of modern entrepreneurship, from securing venture capital to developing a digital brand and presence, while mastering essential financial and business principles. 

In our entrepreneurship program, you'll also have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and hone your skills through real-world experiences such as internships, studying abroad, and hands-on projects.

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Entrepreneurship Concentration Requirements


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Learning Outcomes

Graduates will be:

  •  Effective business analysts.
  •  Effective business communicators.
  •  Ethically conscious and socially responsible business people.
  •  Leaders who understand the impact of globalization.

Saint Mary's Testimonials

A student posing with a stole around his neck

“At Saint Mary’s, I majored in Business Administration with a double concentration in Entrepreneurship and Finance. In my 4 years, I learned how to think with a business-minded perspective, how to problem solve, and gained many of the technical skills necessary to excel as a professional. I am grateful to the professors who took a great amount of time to share their experiences and knowledge with me to ensure my education was world class.”

J.C. Santini, '21


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