Dream texts you would like to see on the Collegiate Seminar Reading List?

Dear Colleagues,

Over the past two years, the Collegiate Seminar department has completed large-scale overhauls to the reading lists for the Seminar sequence, to do some large-scale clean-up after four years of testing the new curriculum.  At this point, we would like to return to considering texts to add or remove in a more sustainable rhythm: 1-3 per year over the list as a whole.

If you would like the Collegiate Seminar Governing Board to consider adding or removing a text for any of the reading lists, please use this form to submit specific details as to what you would add or remove, and why.  The governing board will consider texts at the end of the semester, in a few weeks, and will test-read viable candidates at the Spring Retreat (March 1-3 at Earthrise Institute in Petaluma)—RSVP link coming soon).

Attached for your reference, are the criteria the governing board uses to choose texts.


Ellen Rigsby


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