Single Subject 4+1 Minor

Interested in teaching middle or high school? JCL has a new minor that will enable you to start your credential as an undergraduate and earn a Masters in Teaching in your 5th year!  

Single Subject 4+1 Minor 

Incoming freshman students and qualifying sophomores who are committed to becoming middle or high school teachers may declare this minor. This special program enables students to integrate education course work and field experience in middle and high schools with their undergraduate course of study. With a major in the discipline they would like to teach (History, English, etc.), students will gain the critical framework and field experience necessary to be transformative educatos. Students proceed through the SS4+1 minor in a cohort with TFT and other Single Subject 4+1 minors, taking many of their minor courses and all of their field experience with other members of their cohort. 

Students earn their Bachelors degree at the end of four years in their major, and their single-subject credential at the end of their fifth year. Students begin credentialing courses as undergraduate seniors. Students may also pursue a Masters in Teaching (MAT) in the fifth year by fulfilling additional coursework and research components. 

Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this minor will: 

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of engaged pedagogy, critical theory, and social systems as related to justice and be able to apply theoretical explanations to empirical examples.
  2. By applying critical theory, assess a complex social or community issue and develop multiple viable strategies that contribute to a more just social order. 
  3. Through course texts, community engagement, and field experience (theory to praxis), understand the complexities of public education and the resource gap in order to develop a teaching philosophy that serves the needs of a diverse student population. 


Students must complete 7.25 credits, which may be double-counted towards core curriculum requirements. Courses taken to satisfy students' major may not also count toward completion of the minor. JCL majors cannot minor in Single Subject 4+1.


The minor consists of two lower division introductory courses, JCL 10 Introduction to Justice, Community and Leadership, and Education 20, Introduction to the Teaching Profession. These two courses also provide the opportunity for TFT and SS4+1 students to interact and collaborate. In JCL 10, as a community engagement course with a critical pedagogy, students will begin to study ideas of community, difference, and structural inequalities. In Educ 20, TFT and SS4+1 students will be in class together and learn about education policy, anti-racist pedagogy, and philosophies of teaching; for their field experience in the course all Single Subject students partner with a middle or high school.

The minor consists of 7 upper division courses (5.25 credits). In upper division JCL courses, minors will continue to develop a deeper understanding of equity and justice, linking theory to praxis. In the January Term, they will have extensive field placement. In their senior year, minors will take three Single Subject Teaching Education (SSTE) courses towards their credential (parallel to the MSTE courses the TFT take their senior year).

Each year students will have a field experience in a classroom. Educ 20 as first years, Educ 122 sophomore year; JCL 125 junior year; in addition to a yearlong placement through KSOE their senior year.

Required Courses in theory-practice on critical pedagogy and field experience (4.25 credits)

  1. JCL 10, Introduction to Justice, Community and Leadership (CE experience) (1.0)
  2. 1 JCL Elective (for English it needs to meet SHCU- JCL 120), JCL 120 Theory and Methods, JCL 130 Environmental Justice, JCL 140 Global Community, JCL 150 Advanced Leadership Theory (1.0)
  3. Education 20 Introduction to the Teaching Profession (field experience) (1.0)
  4. Educ 122 Field Experience at a middle/high school (1.0)
  5. JCL 125 Text-based Discussion in the Middle School (field experience) (.25) 

Required Courses towards the credential (taken in 4th year) (3.0 Credits)

  1. SSTE 211 Social and Psychological Foundations of Education (1.0)
  2. SSTE 254 Foundations of Literacy (.5)
  3. SSTE 276 Health Education (.5)
  4. SSTE 274 Universal Access (1.0) 

In their fifth year, students enter the Graduate Program in the School of Education and complete their credential, have a yearlong field placement, and complete their Masters (MA). 

For information regarding the fifth year, please see the Single Subject (Secondary Education) Program's Page