Single Subject Teacher Education Minor 4+1 (SS4+1)

Become an expert teacher in your subject.  

If your passion is to work with middle and high school students, the Single Subject Teacher Education Minor 4+1 prepares you to become an expert in teaching your chosen subject.

Incoming freshman students and qualifying sophomores can declare this minor. This special program enables students to integrate education coursework and field experience in middle and high schools with their undergraduate course of study. With a major in the discipline they would like to teach, students will gain the critical framework and field experience necessary to be transformative educators.

Students earn their Bachelor of Arts or Science at the end of four years, and complete their preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential at the end of their fifth year. Students begin credentialing courses as undergraduate seniors. Students may also pursue a Master of Arts in Teaching in the fifth year by fulfilling additional coursework and research components.

Single Subject Teaching Credential in 8 subjects:

  • Art
  • English
  • History-Social Science
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Science
  • World Language

Key features of the credential program:

  • Integrated curriculum: teacher preparation courses taught alongside liberal arts courses.
  • Early classroom experience as an undergraduate
  • Student teaching experience in your fifth year that goes beyond state requirements
  • Cohort based program with personal attention from responsive, supportive cooperating teachers and college supervisors.
  • Faculty members are highly qualified professors and educational leaders
  • Supervised teaching placements in diverse settings with a focus on urban education
  • An emphasis on the importance of working as partners with communities and schools to investigate, analyze, and reflect on best practices
  • Fifth year, full-time credential program
  • Candidates are intern-ready after completing their first full-time semester of study
  • Admission to the credential program in Summer after graduation



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