Noyce Scholarship at SMC


The Robert Noyce Scholarship Program at Saint Mary’s is funded by the National Science Foundation. 

  • Goal of the scholarship program: to recruit, support, connect, and sustain equity and justice-oriented teacher candidates in SMC’s STEM Teachers for Justice, Community, and Leadership (JCL) 4+1 teaching program. 
  • 17 Noyce scholars will be selected over 5 years (2023-2028). 
  • Students can begin as a scholar in junior, senior, or +1  year and scholarship funding continues through end of the +1 (credential/Master’s in the Art of Teaching) year.
  • Noyce scholar support will include: 
    • 1) Financial support for highly motivated STEM majors to become STEM teachers: scholarship money and iPads
    • 2) Enhanced learning to teach STEM for JCL across curriculum, field experiences, and communities of practice with Mt. Diablo Unified teachers
    • 3) Justice-oriented teacher professional career trajectory support
    • 4) Beloved STEM educator community – within SMC, with MDUSD, and with national and regional STEM and educational justice professional networks
  • Approach: The Noyce scholar program will foster scholars’ growth along five knowledge bases: STEM content knowledge, Knowledge of self: STEM teacher positionality, Knowledge in solidarity with youth and communities, Humanizing pedagogical knowledge, and Knowledge of educational (in)justice and teachers as change agents.
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Program of Study

The 4+1 pathway includes: 

  • a STEM Bachelor’s degree (BA or BS) 
  • minor in Justice, Community, and Leadership
  • Single Subject Teacher Education (SSTE) STEM teaching credential, and
  • Master’s in the Art of Teaching

Students may receive one to three years of funding starting in the junior, senior, or +1 year – at least $10,000 per year in the undergraduate years and approximately $30,000 in the graduate year.

Prospective scholars must be pursuing a BA or BS in a STEM discipline at Saint Mary's College and intend to complete the STEM Teachers for Justice, Community, and Leadership 4+1 pathway.

Scholars will be expected to sign a contract that outlines their obligations upon receipt of the grant, which includes: continuing on the STEM Teachers for JCL pathway, maintaining a 2.75 GPA, participation in all activities related to the Noyce scholarship, continuing into the credential program and Master’s degree following completion of their undergraduate degree, and committing to teach for a minimum of two years in a high need public district in CA for each year of scholarship support, within six years following completion of the SSTE credential.

The application includes background and demographic information as well as an essay of up to 750 words on why the applicant is interested in becoming a middle or high school STEM teacher and becoming a Noyce scholar.

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Questions: With questions about the scholarship program or application, please do not hesitate to contact Teacher Education faculty, Dr. Mary Raygoza ( or School of Science faculty, Dr. Vidya Chandrasekaran (

For general questions regarding the 4+1 teaching pathway, please contact KSOE Undergraduate Pathways Coordinator Shannon Mauldin (


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