Justice, Community, and Leadership Department


At Saint Mary’s, we are committed to education for liberation.

Do you feel a sense of responsibility to make the world a better place? We encourage you to pursue a degree in Justice, Community and Leadership.   

In our program, you’ll grapple with interconnected systems of oppression as you learn to think and act in humanizing, humble and self-reflective ways. Our experienced, approachable faculty will challenge you to apply what we learn in the classroom to a broader community context. You’ll work alongside community members and organizations to learn from their expertise on the roots of social injustices and understand their visions and methods for addressing structural inequities.

Students in our program go on to work in diverse fields, yet they share a common aim to make the world more equitable and just.


Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve

As a liberal arts school in the Lasallian tradition, Saint Mary’s is committed to training up the next generation of difference makers. Learn how our Lasallian values impact everything we do.

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Dana Herrera, Co-Program Director

Michael Viola, Co-Program Director

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