International Applicants

Priority Deadline: December 10, 2019
Final Deadline: January 31, 2020

To make your application process smoother, below are some important things to know as an international applicant.

Please complete an online application as the first step to starting your application process. 

Additional Requirements for International Applicants

In addition to the program specific application requirements, international applicants are required to submit the following documents:

1) Educational Records (with application)

Applicants must submit the following documents for all of the academic institutions attended:

  • official transcripts in the original language
  • translations if original documents are in a language other than English
  • official degree conferral certificate is required if the transcript does not list the name of the degree and the conferral date

How to get Transcript Evaluation:

In order to evaluate your transcript, we need to know how it corresponds to a bachelors degree from US accredited university. Here are some places you can get your transcript evaluated:

Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. 
PO Box 514070 
Milwaukee WI 53203-3470 
tel: 414-289-3400 
fax: 414-289-3411

Foundation for International Services 
21540 30th Drive SE, Suite 320 
Bothell, WA 98021 
tel: 425-487-2245 
fax: 425-487-1989

Josef Silny & Associates 
7101 SW 102 Avenue 
Miami, FL 33173 
tel: 305-273-1616 
fax: 305-273-1338

World Education Services 
P.O. Box 745 
Old Chelsea Station 
New York, NY 10113-0745 
tel: 212-966-6311 
fax: 212-739-6100 
toll-free: 800-937-3895

2) English Language Proficiency (with application)

International applicants must submit a valid TOEFL or IELTS score, unless they qualify for one of the exceptions below.

Minimum TOEFL: 90 iBT                 Institution code: 4675

Minimum IELTS: 7                            Institution code: N/A

3) Exceptions to the TOEFL requirement

Applicants may waive the language test requirement for one of the following reasons:

  • Completed an undergraduate or a graduate degree in a country where the medium of instruction is English
  • Completed a minimum of 60 transferable credit hours at a US university
  • Completed four consecutive years of study at a US high school

4) A copy of your passport (upon acceptance)

Applicants who require an F1 student visa must submit a copy of their valid passport. This can be scanned and emailed to the Coordinator directly at

5) Certification of Finances (upon acceptance)

Applicants who require an F1 student visa must submit proof of funding to cover the cost of tuition and living expenses for one year. Please submit the Certification of Finances form (attached below) to the Coordinator via email at

5) Bank Statement or Bank Affidavit (upon acceptance)

Please submit bank statements or bank affidavit to the Coordinator via email at

Admitted students will be issued I-20 immigration forms once the Program has received all of the above PLUS the $400 tuition depoist in US currency.  



The Center for International Programs (CIP) is ready to assist international students with questions about study abroad, international student visas, insurance coverage, International Club membership, Global Living and Learning Community placement and much more. 

The Center is the home for international students at Saint Mary's and is the first stop that international student make on campus. CIP staff assists students with a variety of needs including immigration and visa advisement, academic advisement, and adjustment to campus life. The CIP provides an interactive orientation program, academic counseling, tutorial services, and social and intercultural communication programs. As home for the SMC International Club, the Center is the place to gather and meet students from a number of countries.

For further information, please visit the CIP webpage or call 925-631-4352. CIP is located on the first floor of Brother Jerome West.

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