In solidarity with Saint Mary’s students

A message to the Saint Mary's Community

by Brother Thomas Jones, FSC, Interim President | April 16, 2024

In March, I attended SMC Against Racial Discrimination: Campus Protest for Change on the Chapel Lawn. The event helped bring attention to some of our students, faculty, and staff’s experiences of being marginalized, ignored, or discriminated against on our campus.

I was deeply affected and admired the courage of those who spoke. I want to thank our students for holding Saint Mary’s accountable for who we claim to be as a college and the Lasallian values we hold dear. Every person in our Saint Mary’s College community deserves to be recognized, heard, and respected.

One of the event’s outcomes was the formation of the SMC Student Power Coalition (SSPCSMC), which is a coalition of students and student groups advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion at Saint Mary’s. 

Together, as we prepare for the kickoff to Lasallian Heritage Days this week, we acknowledge that we can and must do more to honor the dignity of all individuals and embrace the whole person – intellectually, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. I welcome any call for changes that emerge from the SSPCSMC that promote inclusion and bring us closer together as a community.

I am actively listening to our students’ voices and the concerns being raised. As a community, we need to reflect thoughtfully about what needs to change and commit ourselves to working together to make that change happen. In unity and with transparency, we will mutually address how, when, and what we will do to intentionally and consistently practice respect for all persons. 

As a Lasallian community, we affirm diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging as we welcome all members of our beloved community.

In solidarity,

Brother Thomas Jones, FSC

Interim President