Video: The Well-Being Advantage at Work

Research-Based Tools for Boosting Your Happiness and Productivity

by Michal Strahilevitz, Ph.D., Professor, Saint Mary's College School of Economics and Business Administration | May 20, 2024

Professor Michal Strahilevitz's recent workshop on well-being in the workplace left attendees empowered to be both happier and more effective at work. Learn about research showing that your well-being isn't just good for you, but also for your organization's success. In fact, happier employees are less likely to resign, miss work due to illness, or procrastinate on important tasks. Happier employees are also more productive, more creative, more collaborative, more loyal, and more pleasant to work with. So, when we improve our own well-being, we also benefit the people we work with and the organizations we work for.