Graduate Commencement Registration Form

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All students who are in a Credential or Degree Program* and expect to complete their program in Academic Year 2019-2020 or Academic Year 2020-2021, are required to register for Commencement and pay the $125 Graduate Commencement and Degree processing fee.

The Commencement Registration form must be completed and the fee paid whether or not you will be participating in the actual Commencement ceremony.  You will not be able to get your degree unless you have completed this form and paid the fee.

*For students completing a Degree and Credential in one program (eg. Teachers for Tomorrow) in Academic Year 2019-2020 or Academic Year 2020-2021, ONLY complete one Graduate Commencement Registration form. You will pay for one fee, $125, on your GaelXpress account. This does not apply to students who completed a credential then decided to continue on and complete their masters degree; those students will pay the fee twice, once for their credential and once for their masters.

This fee is not billed immediately to your account, our internal procedures could take a couple of weeks from the time you submit your commencement registration form to the time when the fee is billed to your account. 

Please refer to the official SMC Graduate Commencement page for up to date information about the ceremony, participation, regalia, etc. 


  1. To access the registration form you must be logged in to your "My Saint Mary's" account (login located at the bottom right corner of site). If this still poses problems try a different browser: Mozilla Firefox, Bing, or Safari
  2. Complete and submit this Commencement Registration web form below.
  3. Make sure your address is current with the College by logging into  GaelXpress and clicking "My Profile".  If necessary, submit a  Change of Address Form with the Registrar's Office to ensure that your diploma is sent to the right address.
  4. If you have a name that is different than the name on your official records, you must submit a name change form to the Registrar.  
  5. Make a graduation fee payment of $125 on GaelXpress.  This will appear as a separate line item in your next e-bill. This fee is not billed immediately to your account because our internal procedures take time. It could take several weeks from the time you submit your commencement registration form to the time when the fee is billed to your account. 

After completing this commencement registration form, your degree or credential process is not yet complete until:

  1. Credential Candidates:  You should submit the Commencement Registration form.  For each program's requirements for credentialing, please talk to your advisor or program director. Additionally, you should file for and pay for your credential with CTC separately from this process.  Please see your advisor or program director for more information. Your credential will not be processed until you complete the final steps as outlined by your program.
  2. Degree Candidates:  After all of your degree reqirements are completed, you should file your Degree Verification Application form and all relevant documents.  The relevant documents include a copy of your signed thesis signature page or proof of passing the comprehensive exam if required by your program, as well as a final, unofficial transcript and receipt of uploading your thesis or dissertation to ProQuest.  Your degree will not be posted unless you complete this final step.

If you have further questions, please email the Kalmanovitz School of Education at