Application for Leave of Absence

Any matriculated student who is not on probationary status may request a leave of absence from Saint Mary's College. The leave may be for up to one full academic year (If you are a part of the 3+2 Engineering program, this will be extended one academic year). Students who do not return from leave within one academic year will be withdrawn from the college, have their login credentials deactivated, and will be required to apply for readmission. 

A leave of absence request will be accepted through the end of the 4th week of the Fall or Spring term for undergraduates. Please refer to academic calendar for exact dates. We will not accept any leave requests after week 4. As such, you will need to withdraw from the college. If your leave is due to medical reasoning, you will need to fill out an additional Medical Leave Form .PDF at the bottom of the page and submitted with this online form. The date this form is submitted will be accepted as the Last Date of Attendance.

When a student goes on a leave of absence during the add/drop period (please refer to academic calendar for exact dates), all enrolled courses will be dropped from their schedule. If the application is submitted after the add/drop period, all courses will continue to be listed on the student's transcript and the designation of "W" will appear in place of a grade. A "W" grade will not affect the cumulative grade point average.

 For information pertaining to tuition refunds, please visit the Business Office website by clicking here.  


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If this is a personal leave please state the reason for the leave. If this is a medical leave please also fill out the Medical Leave Additional Form at the of bottom of this page. If you are a part of the 3+2 program, please state what institution you will be attending outside of Saint Mary's

Medical Leave Form

Fill out the Medical Leave Additional Form via the link below, save to your computer, then upload.
Medical Leave Additional Form (pdf)

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