Congratulations to this year’s winners & finalists!

Artwork : (above)"Chimera" by Lok Yung Wong, age 14, Hong Kong. China. Diocesan Girl's School. Teacher: Mr. Pearl Kam. (below) “Colors of the Chameleon” by Lily Andrus, age 13. New Market, AL. Madison Academy. Teacher: Peggy Hickerson. 2020 ROW Finalist

The River of Words team is thrilled to announce the Winners and Finalists of the 2020 River of Words Contest! Our judges had a difficult time choosing from the many art & poetry submissions we received from across the globe. Students submitted creative work exploring the human experience and its impact on the natural world around us—from rivers to cities, from oceans to school yards, from sidewalks to mountains, from snow days to wild animals, from an ant on a pencil to the sky.

Please join us in congratulating all the students, teachers, and parents who participated in this year's contest. Thank you to all student artists & poets for sharing their gorgeous work, and thank you to all teachers, parents, and guardians for facilitating their students' participation. We encourage our participants to continue exploring the world through art & poetry, and to continue inspiring others to save and protect our home: the earth.

2020 Art and Poetry Galleries will be up soon!


2020 Category I Winner

Poetry: Adam Nelson, age 8, Tucson, AZ. United States

Art: London Adams (age 7), Amir Alzendan (age 8), Ashtyn Gibson (age 7), Patrichia Giuillaume(age 7), and Queen Sumaiyah Pierre (age 7), Brooklyn, NY. United States

2020 Category II Winner

Poetry: Jaden Sivananttan, age 10, Washington, DC. United States

Art: Charlie Valk, age 9, Decatur, GA. United States

2020 Category III Winner

Poetry: Rishi Lakshminarayanan, age 13, Bellevue, WA. United States

Art: Carly Katulka, age 13, Gainsville , GA. United States

2020 Category IV Winner

Poetry: Ada Heller, age 17, Lenexa, KS. United States

Art: Daye Kwon, age 16, Little Rock, AR. United States

2020 International Prize Winner

Mohammad Shafiq, age 14, Quetta, Balochistan. Pakistan (Afg refugee)

Monkey’s Raincoat Prize (honoring a short poem in the haiku tradition)

Esther Kim, age 16, Potomac, MD. United States

One Square Block Prize (honoring a poem that examines city-scapes and the interactions between the manmade and the natural world)

Ellen Rogers, age 17, New Orleans, LA. United States

Shasta Bioregion Prize (honoring a artist or poet from a Northern California watershed)

Aaron Huang, age 13, Los Altos, CA. United States


2020 Art Finalists

Kyndel Abercrombie, age 16, Alpharetta, GA. United States

Evelyn Allen, age 10, Tucson, AZ. United States

Aisyah Hana Amir Khairi, age 7, Rawang, Selangor. Malaysia

Lily Andrus, age 13, New Market, AL. United States

Amelia Bell, age 11, Decatur, GA. United States

Zoe Bellon, age 17, Johns Creek, GA. United States

Olivia DeFrancesco, age 13, Stockridge, GA. United States

Jennylee Dilney, age 8, Zachary, LA. United States

Aayushi Dixit, age 10, Fremont, CA. United States

Gabrielle Dolby, age 7, Mableton, GA. United States

Ashleigh Feltman, age 17, Chatsworth, GA. United States

Sophia Glosser, age 11, Pittsburgh, PA. United States

Camille Hall, age 13, McDonough, GA. United States

Yat Hang Li, age 6, Hong Kong, China. China

Alexandra Huynh, age 11, Atlanta, GA. United States

Kanyanan  Jirathanaprasert, age 11, Bangkok. Thailand

Ranando JoseMaria Jr, age 8, Tucson, AZ. United States

Anya Kaldonski, age 7, Marana, AZ. United States

Andrew Kim, age 15, North Caldwell, NJ. United States

Jimmy Lin, age 7, Braselton, GA. United States

Olivia Lipinski, age 9, Rochester, WA. United States

Dario Liu, age 12, Alpharetta, GA. United States

Tiffany Lutan, age 15, San Ramon, CA. United States

Kaylee Minor, age 16, Harvest, AL. United States

Alivia Nagel, age 12, Buford, GA. United States

Punyanut Numnual, age 10, Bangkok. Thailand

Leon Obezo, age 6, Tucson, AZ. United States

Harini Ohm, age 6, Kennesaw, GA. United States

Camille Oliver , age 17, Irondale, AL. United States

Ithiya Oophaichit, age 8, Bangkok. Thailand

Aida Pardo, age 12, Atlanta, GA. United States

Josh Perlmutter, age 8, Atlanta, GA. United States

Connor Rapp, age 8, Rochester, WA. United States

Jessica Rhee, age 14, Conyers, GA. United States

Myles Steinberger, age 12, Argyle, NY. United States

Daniel Sturz, age 7, Roswell, GA. United States

Yuna Suh, age 12, Atherton, CA. United States

Jessica Thomas, age 18, Madison, AL. United States

Xin Tong, age 17, Guangzhou. China

Emily Wallace, age 16, Owens Cross Roads, AL. United States

Gabriel Wolfersberger, age 11, Atlanta, GA. United States

Lok Yung Wong, age 14, Hong Kong. China

Alyssa Wu, age 12, Pleasanton, CA. United States


2020 Poetry Finalists

Zaza Anaza, age 12, New Orleans, LA. United States

Alex Araujo, age 9, San Benito, CA. United States

Brynn Beatty, age 17, New Orleans, LA. United States

Kyle Beck, age 7, Lithia Springs, GA. United States

Ava Grace Bilello, age 7, Thomasville, GA. United States

Skye Brookfield, age 11, Washington, DC. United States

Mayan Caplan, age 16, Denver, CO. United States

Parinita Chandrashekar, age 12, Bridgewater, NJ. United States

Exie Christensen, age 5, Colorado Springs, CO. United States

Brielle Cliett, age 8, Atlanta, GA. United States

Gabriel Encarnacion-Tolentino, age 9, Centralia, WA. United States

Camila Garate, age 6, Tucson, AZ. United States

Cora Gerdes, age 13, Sarasota, FL. United States

Madelyn Hand, age 7, Tucson, AZ. United States

Katherine Haycox, age 14, Shoreline, WA. United States

Kendall Herndon, age 11, Washington, DC. United States

Alyssa Ho, age 15, Pasadena, CA. United States

Esther Kim, age 16, Potomac, MD. United States

Minseo Kim, age 16, Caroline Springs, Victoria. Australia

Nethra Madhav, age 12, San Jose, CA. United States

Abel Meyer, age 14, Seattle, WA. United States

Esperanza Milla, age 17, New Orleans, LA. United States

Yunus Nufarou, age 9, Cumming, GA. United States

Solana Owens, age 11, Aztec, NM. United States

Shaveta Papolu, age 16, Cypress, CA. United States

Christorpher Pham, age 13, Kirkland, WA. United States

Olivia Ponis, age 10, Rochester, WA. United States

Sam Popp, age 10, Washington, DC. United States

Peyton Puls, age 8, Tucson, AZ. United States

Clarise Reichley, age 15, Denver, CO. United States

Maria Robles, age 7, Tuscon, AZ. United States

Violet Rodriguez, age 8, Hayward, CA. United States

Kayla Santanilla, age 12, New Orleans, LA. United States

Esther Sun, age 16, Los Gatos, CA. United States

Evelyn Swinford, age 8, Marietta, GA. United States

Clara Templin, age 16, New Orleans, LA. United States

Bruce Tete, age 15, New Orleans, LA. United States

Sunny Vuong, age 15, San Antonio, TX. United States

Lydia Wells, age 11, Cumming, GA. United States

Kevin Wu, age 9, Bellevue, WA. United States

Michael Zhao, age 16, San Jose, CA. United States


Our 2020 winners and finalists hail from:

The United States: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Washington DC, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington

And Elsewhere: Australia, China, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Thailand

We give special thanks to our guest 2020 Poetry and Art Judges for making all this possible: Robert Haas, Katie Walker, David Wood, Josh Moore and Carly Hodes. And, of course, to the ROW Team: Luz Casquejo Johnston (Director of the Center for Environmental Literacy), Maureen Esty (River of Words Coordinator), Andrew Mount (Art Director) Florencia Orlandoni (Publishing Manager) and Tanya Castro (Assistant Publishing Manager).

If you or someone you know are eligible for the 2021 contest, Online Student Entry Forms are available on our website. You can find your appropriate Deadlines and Mailing Address at the bottom of the River of Words Art and Poetry Contest page.