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Welcome to Jan Term!

Will you try your hand at swordplay or capoeira on campus? Discover the ABC's of adulthood or the great Silk Road from your living room? Scuba dive in Sri Lanka or explore the literature & landscape of Venice?

We know students have a lot of questions about how Jan Term works and we are happy to answer them.

Here you will find information on policies for attendance, class schedules, pass/fail grades, and waitlists, as well as details about travel registration, payments, and much more.

See below for links to our Jan Term On-Campus, Remote, Hybrid, & Travel courses.

More detailed travel course info can be found on the Jan Term Travel page.

As always, if you have questions, please reach out to us at




Our on-campus offerings include full and partial-unit courses, both lower and upper-division to meet your individual academic needs.

Most full-unit courses meet M/Tu/Th/F usually for 2 hrs and 30 mins, while our partial-unit courses meet one day a week for 2 to 4 hours, depending on the course. 

Jan Term's classes are as incredibly diverse as the Bay Area itself. Explore the connections between music and social change or try your hand at stand-up comedy! Want to learn the ins & outs of writing a romance novel or try your hand at ceramics? Jan Term gives you the opportunity to try something completely new!

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We want all students to have the opportunity to travel before they graduate! Students have the choice of domestic and international travel courses in January. 

Our course offerings are dependent on the faculty who create and propose them. Some like Engaging Christian Art in France and Italy or Globalized Mexico are favorites year after year, while others like The Netherlands: A Land Shaped by Water is completely new!

Each travel course carries an additional travel fee that covers transportation, lodging, meals, and admission fees. 

The Jan Term Scholarship makes travel possible for many of our students, covering 75% of the course fee.

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We have found that the flexibility of online and hybrid courses lightens the load for many students. These courses cut down on commutes and allow students to be where they need to be!

Jan Term is committed to offering the best possible course structure. Faculty aren't simply shifting in-person classes to Zoom, but are paying attention to how they mold their course together with the unique model of distance learning.

With hybrid courses, make sure to connect with the professor to confirm the dates when you will need to be on campus. 

Check out our Remote classes for Jan Term 2024! Check out our Hybrid classes for Jan Term 2024!

Jan Term Policies & Requirements

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For January Term 2024

January Term graduation requirements have changed! Changes impact each graduating class slightly differently. We strongly encourage students to take a January Term class this year whether required or not. January Term is a truly unique opportunity to explore new topics, on-campus or through travel, and nurture a passion for lifelong learning.

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Director: Claire Williams

Program Services Manager: Melissa Benham

Coordinator, Core Academic Programs: Connor McCaslin

Jan Term Office
South Arcade/Korth Tower Breezeway
Phone: 925-631-4633