January Term Travel Scholarship

January Term Travel Scholarship January Term Travel Scholarship

Scholarship Details

The January Term Travel Scholarship is an award of 75% of the course fee of a travel course of the applicant's choice. 

  • During a normal year, students can apply for this scholarship online beginning in August.
  • A scholarship winner is unfortunately not guaranteed a spot in a course and must register through the same process and timeline as all other students.

In awarding scholarships, the January Term Program Committee considers:

  • Preference is given to seniors before juniors, etc. (status is based upon the number of completed units at the time of applying)
  • Eligibility for financial aid (FAFSA submitted)
  • Greatest need
  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • No previous experience studying abroad with January Term or Study Abroad
  • Students who have previously received the January Term Travel Scholarship will not be considered for a subsequent scholarship.

Other important info:

  • Scholarship applications must be submitted by stated deadline, no exceptions.
  • At the time of application, students indicate their desired course. Students receive 75% of that course fee. If they register for a less expensive course, they receive 75% of that course fee. If they register for a more expensive course, they receive only 75% of the original course fee.
  • Scholarship award winners place a standardized deposit of $500.
  • Scholarship recipients must participate in a Jan Term travel course in order to receive the scholarship.
  • Refunds will not be provided to Jan Term Travel Scholarship recipients for travel deviations.

Travel Scholarship Webinar
Tuesday, September 5 -- 4:00 PM (Recording, Slides)

Travel Scholarship Deadline
Thursday, September 14 -- 5:00 PM