Digital Studies Minor

Digital Studies Minor

Digital technology is an inescapable component of our 21st-century lives, revolutionizing how we communicate, vote, buy, create, and learn. It’s the water we’re all swimming in.

The Digital Studies minor equips students to analyze and understand digital content in all of its forms.  You will walk away knowing how to program, code, edit, and create digital media. Our experienced faculty will also challenge you to think critically, use collaborative inquiry, and become an effective communicator.

Through generous funding from the W.M. Keck Foundation, this Digital Studies minor provides a one-of-a-kind curriculum, integrating humanities and computer science. We are here to prepare you for a career in the technology sector. 


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Get to know our award-winning faculty and their specialties. Or explore on-campus clubs and opportunities, like our debate team and student-run radio station, along with an array of internship possibilities.


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