Sports Media Minor

Sports Media Minor

The Sports Media minor pairs technical and ethical storytelling skills with a rigorous understanding of how mediated sports events and narratives facilitate national conversations about our culture and values. The Sports Media minor takes advantage of the high percentage of athletes and sports enthusiasts in Saint Mary's classes, and the remarkable access that students have to Division I sports programs and services, offering opportunities to tell stories and conduct research that would be unavailable at most NCAA institutions. 

Sports Media minors complement classes in digital production and media ethics with an internship in the Digital Athletics department. Interns can choose to produce social media content with and for Saint Mary's sports teams, work as videographers or producers for live broadcasts of sporting events, or design promotional content for SMC teams and games.

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Saint Mary’s Media Production Program offers students a multitude of pathways to pursue their passion in digital media storytelling, and prepares them for careers in increasingly media-focused job environments.


The following courses are required for all Sports Media minors:

  • COMM 102 - Introduction to Media & Cultural Studies (4 units)
  • MP 100 - Media Production Tools & Techniques (1 unit)
  • MP 200 - Media Ethics and Ecologies (3 units)
  • KINES 320 - Sports Marketing (3 units)
  • MP 403 - Sports Media (4 units)


One unit of an on-campus internship with Athletics’ Digital Media office is required of Sports Media minors.
  • MP 198 - On-campus Media Internship (1 unit)

Elective Media Production 

All Sports Media minors must take one of the classes below.


  • MP 301 - Video Production (4 units)
  • MP 302 - Audio Production (4 units)
  • MP 401 - Community Media (4 units)
  • COMM 323 - Sports Journalism (4 units)
  • ART 103 - Basic Design (4 units)
  • ART 104 - Basic Photography (4 units)
  • ART 165 - Designing for the Web (4 units)
  • ART 301 - Digital Drawing & Animation (4 units)
  • ART 304 - Advanced Photography (4 units) 
  • ART 313 - Advanced Design (4 units)


Elective Sports Management

All Sports Media minors must take one of the classes below.


  • KINES 220 - Introduction to Sports Management (4 units)
  • KINES 301 - Women in Sport (4 units)
  • KINES 302 - History of Sport (4 units)
  • KINES 303 - Sport and Exercise Psychology (4 units)
  • KINES 304 - Sport and Social Justice (4 units)
  1. Understand how sports media can reflect and shape cultural conversations and movements.
  2. Understand the interconnected relationship between the sport business industry and the media.
  3. Grasp the ethical considerations of applying formal creative choices upon non-fiction content.
  4. Develop collaborative team-building and client-based communication skills for thriving in sports media industries.
  5. Apply narrative structure and coherent aesthetic intention to information across a variety of digital media platforms.
  6. Compose compelling images and record clear audio with live broadcasting digital production tools.
  7. Arrange sound and/or image in thoughtful, layered sequence/design using professional digital post-production tools.

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