Music, Vocal Minor

Music, Vocal Minor

The Vocal Music program at Saint Mary's is a dynamic program designed to cultivate the talents and skills of aspiring singers. With a focus on non-genre biased pedagogy, the program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers classical, musical theater, jazz, and many other vocal styles.

As part of the program, students receive individualized instruction from faculty members who are experienced professionals in the industry. Additionally, the program includes study in Estill Voice Training, a cutting-edge vocal technique that enables singers to achieve greater control and range in their voice.

With a strong emphasis on performance and collaboration, our program provides a supportive and inspiring environment for students to develop their craft and pursue their passion for singing.

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Graduates of our program will:
  • Demonstrate multidimensional (individual and ensemble) performance capacity through training. embodiment, social/cultural context, and theory.
  • Analyze and interpret works of music from around the world, considering issues of access, representation, exclusion and inclusion in the field of Performing Arts.
  • Develop an artistic voice and promote agency to express it in community.

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