Regalia & Accessories


How to Wear Academic Regalia


How to dress on the day you graduate:

Come dressed in your Academic Regalia (hopefully you're already planning what you will wear under your gown, but you still have some time). Wear comfortable shoes and dress for unpredictable weather; it can be very cold in the morning and heat up during the day.

  1. Start by putting on your black gown.
  2. Next, put on your Latin Honors Medallion (if applicable).
  3. Add your SMC and/or any other approved affiliate stoles you wish to wear.
  4. Put on your Hood on last - did you watch the video? - the hood helps keep your stoles in place.
    1. The loop on the hood may be placed over a button on a button down shirt, or can be pinned on your clothing under your gown.
  5. You may wear discipline and/or your Honor Cord (if applicable) over your hood.
  6. Leis of any kind should be worn on top of your Academic Regalia.
  7. Lastly, you'll put on your cap.
    1. Line up the front point of your cap with the center of your forehead and pull back as you would put on a sports cap.
    2. Many may find it helpful to attach a simple black or clear headband to the underside of the cap or use black bobby pins to keep the cap in place.
  8. Place your tassel on the right side of your cap - you will turn it to the left when the degrees are officially conferred at the end of the Commencement ceremony.

Attention Doctoral Candidates being hooded on stage, you will be offered a seat to sit in while you are hooded. You will have only a few seconds to tuck in the hood string prior to your photo, so please do that before you rise for your photo. Unzipping your gown should not be necessary.


Commencement Regalia & Accessories


All Commencement participants are required to wear academic regalia to Commencement, and it is provided by the college for all graduates in good academic standing with no outstanding student account balances who pick up by the published deadlines.

Academic regalia consists of a black cap & gown, graduating year red & navy tassel and a school-specific hood embroidered with the SMC logo. Hood colors are determined by the School in which you are graduating. See the below table for your hood color.

Regalia is available for pick up at Grad Fair on Thursday, March 28, 2024. We hope you can make it to the Grad Fair, but if you can’t you are able to order your regalia online and have it shipped to your preferred address between Friday, March 29 and Thursday, April 18, 2024.

SchoolHood Trim Color
Kalmanovitz School of Education (KSOE)Education: Blue
School of Economics & Business Administration (SEBA)Business: Drab
School of Liberal Arts (SOLA)Arts: White
School of Science (SOS)Science: Gold
Grad Fair 2024 has passed but accessories are still available.

Attend Grad Fair on Thursday, March 28th between 10:00 a.m and 7:00 p.m. to pick up your regalia, tickets, purchase accessories and more!

Unable to attend Grad Fair? You can order your regalia online, along with any other accessories and mementos you would like beginning Friday, March 29th and they will be shipped to your preferred address. Place your order by Thursday, April 18th before the site closes.

Students must register for Commencement by March 1st in order to receive complimentary regalia (black cap, black gown, SMC Red & Navy Tassel with class year date, and school hood).

In an effort to promote greener graduation practices, customized stoles representing multiple affiliations are available to order through our partner vendors CollegeWear and Jostens. Kalmanovitz School of Education, School of Economics and Business Administration, School of Liberal Arts, and School of Science will not be providing stoles. 

Graduands may also wear accessories and/or stoles representing SMC academic, athletic, club, cultural and/or achievement affiliations. And…yes…you are free to decorate the top of your mortarboard cap – be creative!

Graduands may be awarded for academic achievements or for participation in recognized student organizations will receive communication directly with eligibility information and instructions for pick up (e.g. Honor Cords, Honors Medallions, etc.). All graduands registered for Commencement and eligible for Latin Honors and/or Honor Cords will receive an email with eligibility information and pick up details (pick up is early May).

The gowns in our Evolution Collection are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, and our rentable Revive gowns are always made from recycled materials. We’re committed to being a responsible partner and making the world a better place for the next generations.


Our official Commencement Regalia partner will be showing personalized announcements, class jewelry options and selling discounted bundles which include a diploma frame, SMC stole, and SMC Logo Zipper pull. Use the Stolebuilder to create a custom SMC stole with your area of study, class year, and other custom text and images.

Website: Jostens for Saint Mary's College of California


SMC has partnered with CollegeWear to provide graduates the option to order custom stoles to represent campus affiliations, clubs, Schools and more.

Website: CollegeWear for Saint Mary's College of California