COVID Test Reporting & Residential Move-In Instructions for Jan Term

Dear Saint Mary’s Students,

In response to the spread of the Omicron COVID-19 variant, Saint Mary’s has implemented a number of measures in an attempt to ensure as safe a return to campus as possible this January. Listed below is a recap of those measures along with instructions on logging your negative COVID test and move-in instructions for residential students.

All students are required to provide proof of a negative COVID test taken 48 hours or less before returning to campus in order to attend classes, access campus facilities, and move into the residence halls. Students will not be allowed to return to campus without proof of a negative test.

To enter proof of a negative COVID-19 test, click the button below.

Enter Proof of a Negative Covid -19 Test 

If you test positive OR do not feel well, report it to the SMC COVID-19 Online Portal. Do not return to campus.

  • Submitting your status to the online portal will allow the College to contact faculty on your behalf. Note that no health information will be shared.
  • The College will have resources available to work with you if you require accommodations related to COVID-19.
  • If you think you may be sick, here is a list of suggested actions to take.

Mandatory On-campus COVID Tests for Students 

Mandatory on-campus COVID tests for students will be administered from January 5th through 8th. When you log your negative COVID test prior to returning to campus, you will be provided with a time block for on-campus testing. If you are on campus, you are required to participate in testing even if you have already submitted a test to return to campus. If you are unable to complete on-campus testing, you will be responsible for submitting proof of a negative COVID test at your own expense. Register for test here.

Classes Remote First Week of January

All classes held during the first week of January  (Monday, January 3rd through Friday, January 7th) will be held remotely. This step is being taken to facilitate an extended move-in time for residential students, provide as many testing options for students as possible, and cause the least amount of disruption to class attendance.

January 8th, Classes will Take Place in Person

Beginning January 8th, classes will take place in person, as planned, or otherwise in accordance with the modality that has been posted for students when they enrolled (including the many grad classes, beginning of Graduate Professional Studies winter quarter, winter trimester, etc.)

Sign up for Move in Time

On-campus housing will open on January 2nd. Students are required to sign up for a specific move-in time in order to make the process as safe as possible. To sign up for a move in time, complete the proof of negative test form here.

Proof of Negative Test Required for Rec Center

During the first week of January, students who would like to access on-campus resources such as the Joseph Alioto Recreation Center will need to produce proof of their most recent negative COVID-19 test.

Stay Protected with a Booster Shot

To schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment or booster shot, visit the state’s MyTurn app or website. You may also schedule an appointment through Contra Costa Health Services by visiting its online portal or calling 1-833-829-2626. Local pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens also offer booster shot appointments.

For additional information and more answers to frequently asked questions, please visit the COVID-19 FAQ page

In community,

Saint Mary’s College COVID-19 Coordinating Council




We would also like to answer some of the most frequently asked questions we have received about returning to campus.

Q: Can I take a rapid, at-home test prior as my pre-arrival test?
A: Yes, both PCR tests and rapid at-home tests are acceptable as long as you upload proof (a photo of the test will suffice) to the above listed portal.

Q: What if I tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 90 days? Do I still need to test?
A: No, the current CDC guidance explains that, “people who have tested positive within the past 3 months and have recovered, as long as they do not develop new symptoms, do not need to test.” While this guidance may change, at this time Saint Mary’s is not requiring students to be tested in the 90 days after their positive test. In order to be exempt from the return testing requirements, you must report your positive test from the past 90 days here or upload a letter from your healthcare provider. If you are in this situation, fill out this Google Form to register for a move-in time.

Q: What if I cannot obtain a test in time?
A: Students are required to provide proof of a negative test to return to campus before Wednesday, January 5th. If you are unable to obtain a test before that day, please use this form to sign up for your on-campus testing time and move-in time. Please do not come to campus before your on-campus test appointment. You will not be able to move into the residence halls without a negative test result. 

Q: Why are we expected to do this with such late notice?
A: The rapidly changing nature of the Omicron variant is requiring federal, state, and local health officials to update procedures daily. Saint Mary’s is committed to following that guidance and updating as circumstances dictate.

Q: If I move back between January 2nd and January 8th, do I only need to submit a test 48 hours before I move back?
A: Yes, you must submit a test taken within 48 hours of moving back to campus. When you submit your test, you will be placed on an approved list for move-in. You will still be required to participate in on-campus testing from January 5th to 8th.

Q: If I am charged for a test, will Saint Mary’s reimburse me?
A: No. You are responsible for testing before move-in, and if you are unable to obtain that test, Saint Mary’s will provide on-campus testing for all students between January 5th and 8th.