See pictures from the first quarterly forum with author Jon Lukomnik. For more news, projects, and initiatives from the ECRB team, follow the Elfenworks blog.

2016 Elfenworks Healthcare Conference

How can we move towards a coverage that ensures everyone has a ‘reasonable’ minimum level of coverage at an affordable cost? How can we reconcile equality with quality and efficiency? How can we keep health-related technological innovation growing?What is the role of government—of the private for and not for profit sectors? The 2016 Elfenworks Healthcare Conference tackled these and other issues. View full screen here.

The vision of the Elfenworks Center for Responsible Business is to become a renowned leader for promoting business education and practice that advance the common good.

Our goals are to be:

  • A thought leader and educational model in business solutions to problems of corporate governance, environmental degradation and social issues (such as poverty and inequality) as they impact business practices and policies. 
  • A community partner in events and practice that promotes responsible business performance.
  • An educational incubator for student engagement that inspires social responsibility.

Our mission:

To foster and support the work Saint Mary's faculty in the area of responsible business and provide opportunities for faculty, students and community partners to collaborate on these issues.

  1. RESEARCH: Provide opportunities for faculty to generate fresh ideas and approaches on responsible business. "Responsible business" (RB) issues refer to work in the area of environmental, social (poverty, social justice issues, social enterprises) and governance aspects of for-profit and non-profit businesses. 
  2. OUTREACH: Offer compelling events and programs that promote collaboration, shared inquiry and innovation in pursuit of responsible business performance.
  3. ENGAGEMENT: Provide opportunities for business students to build business acumen, inspire social responsibility and community engagement and extend networks.