Past Event
Women's Basketball player Taycee Wedin shoots a 3-pointer against Portland in February 2022

Taycee Wedin in National 3-Point Competition
She’s the first Gael to earn a spot in this competition. She already holds the three-point record in the West Coast Conference and is one of the top three-point shooters in NCAA Women's Basketball history.

Date & Time


Location (Off-campus)

Hoops House
Bayou Music Center
Houston, Texas


Taycee Wedin of the Saint Mary's Women's Basketball team has been selected to participate in the State Farm College Slam 3-Point Championships, becoming the first Gael ever to compete in the event.

The competition will take place at the Hoops House, located at the Bayou Music Center in downtown Houston on Thursday, March 30, at 4:30 p.m. PDT. The event will be broadcast live on ESPN2.

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