Past Event
Paul Celan in black and white
Collegiate Seminar

War Poets: Celan & Yevtushenko
Seminar Informal Curriculum Event

Date & Time

Location (On-campus)

Soda Activity Center: Claeys Lounge
1928 St. Marys Road
Moraga, CA 94575
Paul Celan in black and white


Two events from the Holocaust—both extraordinary and difficult to grasp—inspired a pair of poems, read by millions. Those poems in turn inspired great paintings by a German artist, and a magnificent musical piece by a Russian composer. This presentation considers Paul Celan’s poem “Death Fugue” alongside the paintings of Anselm Kiefer, and Yevtushenko’s poem “Babi Yar,” set in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, in tandem with Shostakovich’s 13th Symphony. 


With Joan Peterson


Related Seminar text: Yevtushenko, “Babi Yar” & Celan, “Death Fugue” (Sem 304)


Connor McCaslin