Past Event
image of Clarissa Louis

Yoga & RePosture in the Galleries 
With Clarissa Louis

Date & Time

Location (On-campus)

Saint Mary's College Museum of Art
1928 St. Marys Road
Moraga, CA 94575


Join us for a free afternoon yoga and reposture session with instructor Clarissa Louis. This session combines elements of vinyasa flow yoga, weight + resistance training, cardio intervals and plyometrics. Given the full range of effort, and variety of postures offered/modified, it is a great way to augment a wellness routine for all fitness goals and skill levels.

Clarissa Louis is a group fitness educator who inspires strategies for gaining spiritual and physical wealth through mindset and movement. Clarissa is a proud SMC SEBA alum and previously held several roles for Wall Street firms.

This program is co-sponsored by Center for Women & Gender Equity, CCIE Sub-committee on Gender Equity and Women’s History. 

Contact | 925-631-4379