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Carl Guarneri , Emeritus

carl guarneri
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Professional Overview

Carl Guarneri is the Brother James Ash Professor of American History at Saint Mary's, where he has taught since 1979. Trained as an undergrad in European history, he came to American history with an interest in comparative and transnational approaches.

Among his publications is a study of transatlantic utopian socialism, The Utopian Alternative (1991), a college-level textbook, Global Americans (2017), a collection of essays, America Compared: American History in International Perspective (1997, 2005), and America in the World: United States History in Global Context (2007).

His current research interests include the American Civil War, the history of European settler societies in the Americas and Australia, and the global involvement of American reformers in the nineteenth century. Most recently, he has published Lincoln's Informer: Charles A. Dana and the Inside Story of the Union War (2019).

At Saint Mary's, Guarneri teaches a wide variety of courses in historical methods, world history, and American history from the colonial era to World War II.