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Samantha Nogueira Joyce

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Department: Communication

Communication Department
1928 St. Mary's Rd, Moraga, CA, 94575
T. 925-631-4464

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Samantha Nogueira Joyce

(Communication Department, Wags, ILals)

Samantha Nogueira Joyce is a Brazilian journalist and Associate Professor of Global Communication at Saint Mary’s College of California. She studies media history, theory, and criticism with concentrations in cultural studies, critical theory, Latin American and Brazilian Media and Cultural Studies. Her research covers a range of contemporary as well as historical topics in order to understand the many ways in which people’s identities are constituted by and through the media, especially television. In addition to her book Brazilian Telenovelas and the Myth of Racial Democracy her research has appeared on International Journal of Communication, Brazilian Journalism Research, Rumores, Television Antiheroines: WOMEN BEHAVING BADLY IN CRIME AND PRISON DRAMA, and others.

Nogueira Joyce's latest book "Afro-Brazilian in telenovelas: Social, Political and Economic Realities (Lexington Books) came out in 2022.

You can listen to an interview about the book on the Podcast New Books Network.


Ph.D.       Media Studies, Communication Studies Department, University of Iowa, 2010

M.A.        Department of Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts. San Francisco State University. California, 2006.

B.A.         Mass Communication, Journalism. Universidade Federal Fluminense. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2001.




Peer Reviewed Books

Joyce, S. N. (2022). Afro-Brazilians in telenovelas: Social, political, and
economic Realities. Lexington Books.

Joyce, S. N. (2012). Brazilian Telenovelas and the Myth of Racial Democracy. Lanham: Lexington Books.

Joyce, S. N. (2006). Brazilian womanhood in the primetime telenovela.: A textual analysis of Aguinaldo Silva’s Senhora do Destino. Germany: VDM.


Peer Reviewed Book Chapter

Joyce, S. N. & LaPastina, A. (2019). Subjective camera, direct address, and audience participation. Velho Chico and a new Brazilian      telenovela aesthetics (pp.39-46). In Sigismondi, P. (Editor), World Entertainment Media: Global, Regional, and Local Perspectives: Routledge: New York.

Joyce, S.N. (2018). Brasileiros do horário nobre – ou o que a CBS me ensinou sobre o Brasil (pp. 119-128). In Moreira, S. V. & Ota, D. C. (Eds.). Comunicação, Mídia e Cultura: Estudos Brasil-Estados Unidos. Mato Grosso do Sul: Editora UFMS.

Joyce, S.N. (2018). On Drugs, favelas and shoot outs – AKA, what CBS has taught me about Brazil (pp. 113-122). In Moreira, S. V. & Ota, D. C. (Eds.). Communication, Media and Culture. Brazil – US Studies. Mato Grosso do Sul: Editora UFMS.

Joyce, S. N. & LaPastina, A. (2017). Women and criminality in Brazilian telenovelas: Salve Jorge and human trafficking (pp. 219-235). In Milly Buonanno (Ed). Television Antiheroines. Women Behaving Badly in Crime and Television Dramas. Intellect. Bristol: UK.


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Joyce, S. N. (2020).  TV Globo’s strategies for keeping the genre relevant. Popular Communication, DOI: 10.1080/15405702.2020.1841198 To link to this article:

Joyce, S. N. & Martinez, M. (2019). "The Talk", and the one who shall not be named: A case study on racial and gender discourses on NBC's Parenthood. Revista Eco-Pós.

Martinez, M. & Joyce, S. N. (2018). Representation of domestic violence in Brazilian serialized productions. Rumores 22(11),  182-202.

Rosas-Moreno, T. C. &Joyce, S. N. (2017). FRAMING MANDELA: An (Inter)National Comparative News Analysis of the Iconic Leader’s Death. Brazilian Journalism Research 13(1), 64-89.

Joyce, S. N. & Martinez, M. (2017). From Social Merchandising to Social Spectacle: Portrayals of Domestic Violence in TV Globo’s Prime-Time Telenovelas. International Journal of Communication 11(2017), 220–236.

Joyce, S. N. & Martinez, M. (2016). BRICS and mediated narratives: The proximity between Brazilian news and telenovelas. Brazilian Journalism Review, 12(1), pp. 82-101.

LaPastina, A. & Joyce, S. N.. (2015). Changing GLBTQ representations: The Sexual Other in Brazilian Telenovelas. Lumina (, 1-28. (

Joyce, S. N. & LaPastina, A. (2014). Producing Brazilianess for Global Audiences: The case of Sex and the City. Ação Midiática - Estudos em Comunicação, Sociedade e Cultura (8)2 1-16. (

Joyce, S. N. (2013). A kiss is (not) just a kiss. Heterodeterminism, Homosexuality and TV Globo telenovelas. International Journal of Communication 7 (2013), 48-66. (

Joyce, S. N. (Forthcoming). Latin American Media Research. An Overview. In Moreira, S. V. & Ota, D.. (Eds). Colóquio Brazil-Estados Unidos de Estudos da Comunicação (Book II). Fundação Universidade Federal do Mato Grosso: MT. Brazil.



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Intro to Media, Technology and Culture

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Advertising and Civic Engagement

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Latin American Cinema

Television Criticism

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Communication and Social Understanding


Television and Cultural Criticism

Capoeira: The Brazilian Art of Resistance