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Mary Vradelis

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Department: Business Administration

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Phone: 925-631-4743

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Mary Vradelis is pleased to join St. Mary’s College of California as an Adjunct Associate Professor in the School of Business and Economics.  She is a proud alumna of the Executive MBA program.   Professor Vradelis brings over 20 years experience in nonprofit leadership and management.  As a Principal Consultant with Sequoia Consulting Associates, her consulting practice focuses on guiding organizations and individuals through transitions, both planned and unexpected.  She serves as a facilitator, coach, and trainer, as well Interim Executive Director for nonprofit organizations and individuals. In addition to her Executive MBA, Mary has a Master’s in Therapy and a B.F.A. in Theater.  She draws on her extensive experience as an Executive Director and Board Member of several Bay Area nonprofits. She is the co-author of Strategy Making For Non-Profit Organizations: A Model and Case Studies (published by Business Expert Press), written with Dr. Jyoti Bachani.