International Mentoring Training Program Certification (IMTPC)

The HP Peer Mentor Program has successfully applied and earned International Mentoring Training Program Certaification (IMTPC) through the College Reading & Learning Association! 

Image of 2019-2020 HP peer mentors. First row from left to right: Alondra, Anahi, and Synclaire. Back row from left to right: Frida, Diego, Jazzy, Elizabeth, and Melissa.













With IMTPC, the HP Peer Mentor Program can now ceritify mentors who have met approved training and experience requirements. Certification not only recongizes mentors who have demonstrated minimum skills and training, it also challanges mentors to work beyond minimum standards. Currently, IMTPC for our program offers Level 1/Regular Certification.

Requirements for Certification

Level 1 - Regular Certification

  • Mentor must complete 15 hours of mentor training
  • Mentor must complete 50 hours of mentoring experience

The HP Peer Mentor Program would like to congratulate the 2019-2020 cohort of peer mentors for completing the Level 1 - Regular Certification for the IMTPC.

Benefits of Certification

  • Affiliation with an internationally recognized mentoring program
  • Demonstrate comprehensive understanding of the mentoring exprerience.
  • Opportunity to add earned certification to resume.

Image of 2019-2020 peer mentors. Back row from left to right: Diego, Jazzy, Jane, and Elizabeth. Front row from left to right: Frida, Synclaire, Melissa, Alondra, and Anahi.