Alumni Stories and Career Paths

A history degree prepares you for any profession that requires doing research, analyzing documents and data, thinking critically, reading closely, making oral arguments, and writing persuasively.

A history degree serves students interested in careers in local, state or national public service, non-profit organizations, business, and any field that needs imaginative and resourceful people. 

Our graduates are well prepared to teach history at the primary and secondary education levels and to pursue advanced studies in history or related fields. But they are also ready to study law, journalism, or museum and library studies.

In addition, our majors are now park rangers at state and national parks, sports coaches, social workers, wine merchants, real estate agents, correction officers, foreign service officers, community organizers, career counselors, and even ballet dancers and rock musicians. Read real life stories from our graduates below.

If you are a graduate of the History Department and wish to share your story, please contact the department chair.

For more information and statistics on employment after receiving a history degree, please see this article.