Honoring Our Veterans

November 16, 2022

Dear Saint Mary’s community,

Today, Veterans Day, is a very special date on the calendar. It’s a day when we can reflect on the sacrifices made by our nation’s military veterans, honor them, and thank them for their service.

Lasallian colleges and universities like Saint Mary’s, with their commitment to the service of others, enjoy a close bond with our veteran brothers and sisters. Members of our armed forces, from the moment they first don a military uniform and take an oath to support and defend the Constitution, are committing themselves to service of our country. For that, we should be grateful, humbled, and appreciative.

We talk a great deal these days about the value of diversity on campus, and how a variety of life experiences and perspectives adds richness to the environment at Saint Mary’s. Indeed, our veterans community plays an important role in nurturing a broader sense of community. Veterans serve all over the world and often live and work amongst people from a variety of backgrounds, religions, ethnic groups, and customs. They can then share with non-veterans a depth of understanding and appreciation for those other cultures that we might otherwise not have.
I’m proud that Saint Mary’s has such an active veterans student organization, Veteran and Military Affiliated Gaels. They’ll be hosting and sponsoring a number of events on Nov. 11, including Food Truck Friday (which they’ll co-host) and perhaps even a workout challenge to give participants an idea of the fitness routines members of the military experience as part of their daily routine! In the Library, the College Archives will showcase an exhibit with items from the post-World War II era, when Saint Mary's was one of just four college campuses selected to host an important pre-flight training school for the U.S. Navy.

If you know a veteran on or off campus, I would urge you to talk to them today—or any day. Ask them about their military service; you might be surprised at what you learn. Let them know we appreciate their service, and that we recognize and honor the sacrifices they may have made on all our behalf.
To everyone in our military and veterans community — thank you. We’re glad you’re part of Saint Mary’s.


Richard Plumb, Ph.D.